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Help (Hyperthyroid)


Hi I'm new here. Having been having symptoms for a few months, am six months post natal and have been told my thyroid is overactive! symptoms include feeling hot, increased heart rate, sick, dizzy and aching joints. Have seen an endo at a private hospital and he was 99.9 per cent sure it was post partum thyroiditis, my antibody test for graves disease was negative. he recently re did the tests and my results are still abnormal and would have expected them to be improving as this condition should correct itself. He has now decided that its Graves even though the test has been negative twice and there is no family history!!

I have been put on beta blockers to slow my heart rate and am taking 20mg twice a day of carbimazole. I was actually feeling a lot better other than a fast resting pulse so was surprised my results were still too high, my neck feels a bit weird as he said my thyroid is slightly enlarged. Any advice?

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I'm not very knowledgeable about over active thyroid but I do know that in around 20% of women, post-partum thyroiditis doesn't rectify itself.

Have you been referred to an endocrinologist? This would be wise given that your disease isn't following the expected course of rectifying itself. It is also unusual in that you don't have the antibodies but you definitely seem to have a thyroid problem.

It might also be worth getting checked for other thyroid antibodies as you may have Hashimoto's disease. Some people with Hashimoto's thyroiditis experience being hyper some of the time.

I have edited the title of your question so that it is obvious you are hyperthyroid, not hypo. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of hyperthyroidism will see it and be able to help you :)

Carolyn x

jsr999 in reply to PinkNinja

Hi, thanks for replying. Yes I have seen an endocrinologist (privately). he said he would have expected post natal thyroiditis to have corrected itself by now and that it wasn't unusual not to have the antibodies. he said i could also have graves without testing positive for antibodies. I have had the antibody test done twice now and both were negative.

I also was diagnosed hyperactive thyroid condition 2 years ago now. I was experiencing a lot of stress (still am) and felt being over anxious, jittery, not able to sleep etc was down to stress surrounding me. I was shocked to be told I was hyperactive and referred within 2 weeks to see local Endo who was kind, patient and did his best to put me at my ease. The Registrar that I saw at my second visit 6 months later was total opposite and so arrogant I have no desire to ever see him again!

I have two sisters who have hypo condition and managed really well for very many years.

I have no knowledge of post natal thyroiditis but I felt perhaps you might be in need of a hug.

I am sure that others who are much more informed than I am will also want to support you.

I wish you well and hope that your symptoms can be sorted out with the correct medication so you will feel a little better in yourself before too long. Sending gentle hugs your way today XX

jsr999 in reply to glo42

Hi thanks for this. I too feel very stressed, not easy when you have a six month old baby to look after. My Endo very nice and reassuring and thinks that my thyroid has always probably been slightly enlarged, i can't even see it. As yet he hasn't suggested a scan of the thyroid as he said he wasn't concerned. Post natal thyroiditis should correct itself, you are usually overactive first then under and can sometimes stay underactive, he has now ruled this out as i should be better by now.Apart from feeling stressed and not being able to sleep i feel ok. Due to go back and see him in 4 weeks. I was told by my GP could be months on the NHS to see an endo so I went private, nearly £450 every time I see him lucky i am insured.Hope you get better soon. xxxx

Hi I was diagnosed hyper back in May 2011 and have been on carbimazole since of varying levels.

It is possible to have Graves without the antibodies or as said above it could be your thyroid playing up before going under such as in Hashimotos. It is not always the case that it has to run in families although that is common. My mum and sister have Hashis but I have Graves.

Do stay on your meds and have regular blood tests. Try to see your endo every 3 months. Keep a diary of your symptoms, problems and issues. Also suggest to your endo that you get a scan of your thyroid in case you have any nodules. This could cause the swelling and the problems without having Graves. All the best.

jsr999 in reply to greenginger

Hi, thanks, I will suggest he gives me a scan, was worried about nodules but he didn't seem concerned. He did say I could still have Graves without the antibodies. back to see him in 4 weeks. thanks for your reply. All the best

I'm sorry you are suffering with this. Sometimes a selenium deficiency is part of the problem for hyper and/or Graves. This article from Stop the Thyroid Madness (STTM) which is a very informative website explains it.

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