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My results on 14/1/15 were

Free T4 9.04 (Range 15-22)

Free T3 3.36 (Range 3.1 - 6.8)

TSH 25.41 (Range 0.27 - 4.20)

These were on 1 gr Naturethroid

My results on 31/3/15

Free T3 4.5

Free T4 11.7

tsh 0.14 (same ranges as above)

These were on 2 gr Naturethroid

I am supplementing with Vitamin D as was insufficient and B12 as these are on the low side of within range.

Do you think there is room for another 1/2 grain Naturethroid or shall I add in some levothyroxine?

I actually feel a little shaky at the moment but don't know whether this is because I am overmedicated or undermedicated.

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Your t4 is still below range and your t3 could be higher. It looks like you may benefit from an increase. If you are feeling a little shaky it could mean that your iron or cortisol are not optimal. It may be a good idea to get these optimal as you increase. If you can't tolerate an increase, reduce back down and try again after a couple of weeks or try a smaller increase. Feeling shaky could also be a symptom of not enough thyroid hormone so you may find you feel better with a small increase.

Sorry I couldn't give a definite answer.

Carolyn x


Have you been on 2 grains since January? if so there might be room for a small tweak of quarter of a grain... Have you tried splitting your ndt up into smaller doses taken through the day? I do this it gives me a more level overall feeling -no spikes or trembles. Your Ft4 is on the low side -this could be because your body hasn't restored its storage levels yet needing to use it for immediate use it it could mean a little more t4 would help. It's all a matter of a little trial & error am afraid. If you've been on 2grains since Jan in your shoes I think I add a small increase of the NDT but also split up into two or three smaller doses during the day. If thst doesn't help then I'd try adding the Levo in.

It will all take time as you know for your body to adjust. Apart from the shakiness do you have any other symptoms? How do you feel?

Hope this helps...

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