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How much Thornes adrenal cortex extract to take?

Hi guys,

I've been taken Thornes adrenal cortex extract for 4 weeks now. I took one a day for a week, then 2 a day for a week and now 3 a day for the last 2 weeks. I was supposed to be on NAX according to Dr Peatfield but did not do well on them. I am doing much better on the thornes. So is the amount of adrenal extract the same in both products does anyone know? I am supposed to be on 4 NAX a day.



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Nutri Adrenal Extra has 200mg per tablet of adrenal concentrate


Thorne Cortex has 50mg adrenal cortex per capsule


The difference between these products is that the Nutri product has the whole gland concentrate, so the 200mg will comprise of both adrenal medulla and adrenal cortex. So, therefore I don't know what percentage is cortex in the 200mg.

The Thorne Cortex product recommends 1-3 capsules per day, so you're on track for the dose you're taking.

The main thing is you're feeling the benefit. Which is great. I too have benefitted from this product.



Sorry for late reply. Sometimes I get lost on here!

I just called Nutri Advanced and asked them what percentage is medulla and cortex and they can't answer that. There must be a way to calculate though, isn't there? eg average bovine adrenal gland weighs xxxg of which xx% is medulla and so on. But where would I find that out!


I personally wouldn't worry so much about the percentages. Dr Peatfield's very much of the thought of going on how you feel when you are taking supplements and remedies. If you're feeling the benefit of the Thorne Cortex, then I'm presuming that is the required result and the dose you're on is correct for you. If you weren't feeling the benefit and you were repeating upping the dose, then I understand you may want to make a direct comparison cortex to cortex from Thorne to Nutri brand to see where you stand.


True enough. I have a telephone conult with Dr P next Fri so will go from there. Also got myself an excellent thermometer. Im not good at the temps but my pulse rate has certainly lowered



That sounds like good timing then, I'm sure he'll help guide you through this process. :-)


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