Nutri Adrenals Extra

Many here commend NAX, and it has been getting consistently great reviews on all websites I've checked.

However, many claim you should avoid adrenaline when you suffer from adrenal fatigue, and therefore only take adrenal cortex, not whole adrenal which also contains adrenaline.

Those of you on NAX, have you ever felt adrenaline was a problem?

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  • I think it's very much an individual thing. Everybody reacts differently depending on how their biochemistry is. If you're wary of trying it, you could try Thorne's Cortex, which only contains adrenal cortex and is a good product. I've personally used it. You'd need to get a multi vit/min in addition because this product doesn't have these in like the Nutri Adrenal Extra does.

  • Thanks a lot:-)

  • I tried NAX first (recommended by Dr P when I consulted him). It didn't suit me as it made me really jittery and "wired". But I've been fine on adrenal cortex. As HEA72 says, it varies between individuals. It might be worth you trying NAX first to see how you get on with it? It may be fine for you.

  • NAX didn't help me, unfortunately. Siberian ginseng was far too stimulating, but I found that the herb rhodiola rosea helped, along with VIt C. Not tried it, but Vit B5 is supposed to be good for the adrenals.

  • NAX really did help me. Started on 6 and now on a maintenance dose of 2. Hate being without it.

  • This is a bit of a side issue, but might be useful info to someone, I take two NAX a day, which seems to suit me. However I cannot tolerate normal injections at the dentist as they contain adrenaline, I go into a complete shaky agitated state, which lasts for about half an hour, very unpleasant. I am not sure if it is because my adrenals are not functioning properly, but I always request adrenaline free injections now, and they work fine.

  • I found the product no help at all, be wary of online reviews. Lots of them are just marketing spin written by companies themselves.

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