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Hi there I posted this a few months enquiring if anyone knew where I could find an endo in Northern Ireland or the nearest x I have been self medicating on armour for a couple of years but want to make sure I am taking the correct dosage. Thanks in advance x x

Endo recommendations via Private Messages please in line with posting guideline #22, thank you, Clutter

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  • Hello, there is an endocrinology dr at the new Erne hospital in Enniskillen Co Fermanagh.From personal experience I think its kind of "hit and miss'with even the best endocrinologist as to whether you get the appropriate treatment. Its a bit of a "minefield" when it comes to treating anything relating to endocrine system. (That's just my experience) good luck Pat

  • Hi pat thanks have you by any chance tried them x and do you know if they prescribe armour NDT x

  • Might it be easier as a first step Maggie, to have a private blood test done, to check all your levels on your current meds/dosage? Then post them for folks to comment?

  • I was referred to Dr A at Hillsborough Clinic (had private medical cover) and am now going to see him in Lagan Valley hospital on the NHS. He has been fantastic so far. Explained everything to me so well and seems to really know his stuff. I am on block and replace therapy. Yes I think first step is to get your gp to check your bloods and then get you referred. good luck!

  • Hi Maggie, I am from Northern Ireland and have been around the houses trying to find a decent endo. I eventually did and he prescribes synthetic t3 (cytomel). If you interested I can PM you his details.

  • Hi cheekycharlie sorry been so long in replying could u please PM the details of the endo whom u were talking about thanks x x

  • Hi there could you tell me who this endo is?I'm looking for one that prescribes meds other than the norm levothyroxine, thinks outside the boxes, is open minded and willing to do tests needed. Thanks very much, appreciate the info:)

  • Hi charlie, could i ask the details of the endo dr u used?? Kind regards Ashley 😊

  • Just reading this forum. Could you please send me the details of the endo you go to that prescribes cytomel please?

  • Hi Maggie69, I was diagnosed hashimotos 2 years ago and live in Northern Ireland (post pregnancy quinsy and hospitalisation my trigger), I started T4 as per regimen but did not tolerate and felt very unwell. Like everyone else I had to get well again, as a mother of 3 young kids, a Dietitian running my own very demanding company I did my research and self medicated the past year using Nature Throid from the USA and feel 99% back to normal (this was also with correction of low Vitamin D and taking additional supplements and gluten free diet).

    Since all of this I have been pro-ative for all my patients and I now see so many undiagnosed or under-treated hypothyroid patients in Belfast. I refer my patients for testing to the Endocrinologist Dr A LVH who is very approachable in the testing and use of T4/T3. For me personally I have an excellent GP who has seen my health improve and has agreed to prescribe my NDT. I await the pharmacy to call to collect. I hope this helps and you can get you levels checked for peace of mind. I assume your GP is not that approachable to check FT4/FT3...?

  • Hi Maggie69, the person you need to see is Dr R H based at The Ulster Hospital Dundonald. He is my Endo and I find him excellent and very easy to talk to. If you need any more info please don't hesitate to ask me.

  • Hi! I have an appt at ulster in a few weeks for endo could you give me dr r details please?

  • I am self medicating on nature thyroid and would be interested to know of one as well ,if you find one please let me know

  • Hi Maggie May, where do you get your nature throid from. Can u share the website?

  • Sorry for late reply ,I get my NDT ,on prescription by nhs specialist at ards hospital .

  • Maggiemay12 that is good to know. I've been getting mine on a private script but my GP is contacting the trust's pharmacist to see if it was possible to prescribe on the NHS. 😊

  • Are you in N.Ireland and how do you feel on nature thyroid , I am having a problem of getting the dosage correct ,I feel very slightly over medicated but if I drop my dose slightly I am ill .not sure what to do yet .

  • Yeah, I'm in Dundonald. I'm on Armour Thyroid. Felt a little hyper on 2.5 so dropped yesterday to 2 grains. Will get bloods done in a couple of weeks and see what's going on. It's a bit of a balancing act, is't it?

  • I live near Ards and have been on Nature Thyroid but have to take it in divided doses ,I take 1grain at 6am and was taking 1/2 grain 5 hours later .I take 1 3/4 grains every third day as 1 1/2 isn't enough but specialist isn't happy that my TSH is only 0.02 .am trying to space the doses out more to see if that helps . Never tried Armour but it takes a long time to get dose right and not up the dose too quick as this is what happened to me .

  • I was led to believe that your TSH should be suppressed on NDT. Mine was <0.05 a couple of weeks ago and my GP was happy enough. It's the T4 and particularly T3 that's important. My GP can't test T3 (or so she says) so I'll have to order it privately.

  • My specialist says its to low and this means I am over medicated , I would agree I am slightly but can't go lower so going to space out my dose that I take each day ,

  • It's a fine balancing act, isn't it? Yesterday I took 1/2 at 6:30am, 1/2 at 11am and 1/2 at 3pm and felt ok. Will stick at that for a few days and see how I feel.

  • Just to say my GP is happy having my T3 tested. It the labs that don't do it sometimes .

  • Can you give me the details of thid please i am in bangor desperately trying to find someone to do t3 testing and possiy change me to something other than levo as i think im having conversion probs and docs response in bangor was "well you tell me what you want me to do then!"

  • If Dr H won't play ball, then it probably is for a good reason, could it be financial I wonder? Apart from that I can't really help you, sorry.

  • Hi as far as I know there is a consultant physician in endocrinology/diabetes in Altnagelvin Hospital but I will see if I can find out if this is 100% right!!

  • hi jmay

    Did you find out if there is a physician endocrinology @ altnagelvin hospital.?

    green therapy

  • Hi i hope you still get your emails. Could you send me his/her details to please. I am desperate to stop my hair loss. I have no doubt it is to do with my thyroid. My tsh is over 3 and my thyroode peroxide antibody is 43.6. Diffuse hair loss everywhere i have lost 60 percent of my scalp hair. Body hair thin.and sparse and getting worse. Thank you

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