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Advice please!!

I have been ill since my teens and have always thought I have I had an underactive thyroid. Well to cut a long story short. I arranged to see a Dr privately but in the mean time my G.P agreed to send me to see an endo. My private appointment came before my NHS one so I went to the private one and after talking with Dr.P decided that I would follow his advice. I thought it would be conflicting advice so I cancelled the NHS appointment.

Dr P diagnosed me with adrenal exhaustion and under active thyroid. So I am on max dose of Nutri adrenal extra and then month or so later I am also on max dose of nutri thyroid. I am on a lactose free and glutton free diet.

My question is I have been doing this since January is it too early to expect results?

I have been thinking about order some other meds?

I cannot get hold of Dr.P and his secretary is always engaged when I manage to phone, I have written to him though. Perhaps I am expecting to much too soon but I am so desperate to get well. I have also thought about requesting the appointment with the endo I said I no longer needed.

Sorry for the long drawn out post but feeling rubbish and everyone on here always offers such sound advice.

Thank you alison

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Dr P I believe only works part-time now and I know sometimes the phone takes a long time to be answered.

It does take time, unfortunately, to improve as much as we would like. If you've made another appointment you will probably go onto the next phase of getting better.

It must take some years for our thyroid gland to be troublesome, so it takes a while to restore it.

I hope you feel an improvement soon.


Ali, keep trying to contact Dr. P. He is around as a member has an appointment with him this week or next.

Your thyroid results 4 months ago didn't indicate a thyroid problem although FT4 and TT3 could have been a bit higher. I don't know how long it takes to improve adrenal insufficiency but 2 months doesn't seem a long time although I'm sure it feels as though it is.

Your ferritin, B12 and folate were low. Have you been supplementing as advised?


I am on spartone for iron and have just started b12 thank you so much clutter I appreciate your repy x


Ali, you should also take a B Complex vitamin with the B12 to keep the other B vits balanced. I doubt there is sufficient folic acid in it to correct your folate deficiency so you should also supplement folic acid or methylfolate.


I took spatone for ages and my ferritin dropped to below the range. Just sayin'.

You might need something stronger.


I saw Dr P yesterday. He was away all last week try him again this week.

Good luck


Thank you so much everyone. I will get the extra supplements and keep trying Dr p . I am just disappointed I thought there would be a bigger improvement in my health but I suppose I am also being impatient with myself xx


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