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T3 cytomel

Hi every one.can somebody please help me to buy cytomel.i dunno why it's not on <Admin deleted> website now.i really need cynomel now.

Can somebody plz tell me where to get mexican t3 please.

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #22, thank you.

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Yaseen, Cynomel won't be available before the end of April as the lab changed location and is awaiting accreditation.

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Until Mexico is back online, I am buying my T3 from Cyprus. It's not Cynomel and I don't think it is as strong, but at least it's something in the meantime. I'll message you the Cyprus site.

Cd u msge me with Cyprus site also plse.

Please pm me the Cyprus site. Thank you.

I got a Greek website. They told me they are working from both Greece and Cyprus when I ordered. Is this the one you want? I have sent you private message.

I haven't used the Mexican site for some time as I had a problem with them at the end of last year. I use various others which do not supply Cynomel.

I am introducing Cynomel gradually as it is my hypo adrenals that cause me the most problems & thankfully I ordered a good supply the last time. Can I also have the deltas for the Cyprus supplier please; I cannot tolerate T4 & don't want to risk not having any T3 at all. thank you.

Hi there, could you please message me the Cyprus site as I too running low on T3. Thanks aml

you can get it ordering it in a place in mexico on line called <cryptic form of pharmacy name> search in google , i brougth 3 bottles to south america without reciept without problems delivery at my home, it takes like 1 month 1/2 to arrive ...the name is cynomel 25 mcg t3

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