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Text Speak - txt spk

There seems to have been a lot more "text speak" and other abbreviated language in posts recently. Please avoid this so that others can read your contributions more readily.

Many people suffering from thyroid issues struggle enough reading properly written replies without struggling to interpret lots of shortened "words". Shortened forms which make perfect sense to you, the poster, at the time, might make little sense to someone else, whose first language possibly isn't English, and who might be feeling awful and brain-fogged.

In order to give an example of the difficulty of understanding slang/text speak, I have converted the above into a form of text speak:

ther sEmz 2 hav Bin a lot mo "text speak" & othR abbreviated lngwij n posts recntly. pls avoid DIS so dat others cn rED yor contributions mo readily.

mNE ppl suffering frm thyroid isUz struggle Enuf reading properly RitN replies w/o struggling 2 interpret lots of shortnD "words". shortnD forms whch mAk perfect senS 2 you, d poster, @ d time, mite mAk ltl senS 2 SOME1 else, whuz 1st lngwij possibly isn't English, & hu mite b fEln awful & brain-fogged.

Thank you

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Hear, hear, Helvella. I h8 txt spk and sometimes give up on a post rather than struggle to try to make sense of it.


Hear, hear. I totally agree.




I just don't bother reading it.


Not only can I not understand it half the time, I can't even see the point. It must take the writer far longer to figure all that out than to write the whole word. And a lot of the time, the reduction is only one or two letters anyway. Take 'shortnD' for example. How is it quicker to write that than to write 'shortened'? I think it's a form of perversion, myself.

Well, done Rod, for working all that out! You're a real hot daddyo... Or am I showing my age???


It didn't take much of my time! There are several websites that "translate" on demand. :-)

I'm sure daddyo will come back into fashion...

Mid 50's to mid-60's beatnik/hipster slang.

Somewhat equivalent to today's "dude" or "man" but with a much cooler zen-bohemian and/or streetwise hipster attitude.

Skoopy loopy koo! Skippitty dippitty wah wah wah! Like, dig that jazz, daddy-o!


Hey, dude! You're a real cool cat! I dig you, man!

No, seriously, I'm not that old! Too Young to be a beatnik, I was a sort of week-end hippy. lol


Always takes me longer to think of shortened version than automatically typing the word I first learn't correctly.


I was beginning to think I must be a pedant/fogey/weirdo to be bothered by this. Thank goodness it's not just me.


I would say it would only be quicker to write like that, if it was the way you had originally been taught to write. But then I do happen to be a bit of a pedant when it comes to grammar, spelling, punctuation etc.........please no one check my posts! *chuckle*


i use voice recognition. So there's no need to type. It's pretty accurate most of the time and only occasionally do i have to go back and make corrections.


I have had enough of the text speak. So hard to read, and quite frankly rude and lazy! Of course I forgive the odd typo, but whole paragraphs of gibberish are just too much.

So from now on I will ignore all text speak messages.


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