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High parathyroid test result

Hi everyone

Along with being hypo, vitamin D deficient and having Hughes Syndrome it now looks like I've got another 'thing', just got a PTH result back;

Serum parathyroid hormone 10.4 pmol/L (1.6 - 7.5 pmol/L)

Corrected serum calcium 2.36 mmol/L (2.2 - 2.6 mmol/L)

Total Vitamin D 144.2 nmol/L adequate (taking 9000 IU daily under guidance of endo)

25-hydroxyvitamin D3 129.2 nmol/L

25-hydroxyitamin D2 15.0 nmol/L

I'm still having huge issues with joint and muscle pain, lethargy and swelling, all of which temporarily vanished when I was recently on holiday in Australia but is now back with a vengeance!

My GP wants to speak to me and I have a phone consult with my metabolic bone disease specialist soon but if anyone has any thoughts or experiences of all this parathyroid stuff in the meantime I'd be most interested :)

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Sorry to hear of another diagnosis, Mishka.

These links may be of use:


Many thanks Clutter, I think I might have secondary hyperparathyroidism from what I just read but I am very jet lagged and could be very wrong!

Thanks again :)


Hi For PTH you need an am test of PTH, Vit D and calcium. Unless 2 high it is OK. If they are then a nuclear scan and CT of PTH and ultra sound of thyroid.



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