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New Poll!

Hi everyone,

We now have a new poll! This one is about how you take your NDT, if you are on it.

Unfortunately, I missed something out so I had to do it again. Really sorry to those people who participated. Please do it again for us!

We know that some people take theirs sublingually although thyroid molecules are supposedly too big to pass through the mucous membranes.

Some people crush the tablets and put them in water. Some people crush them and swallow crushed.

We are interested in finding out how many of you feel better taking it sublingually or any other way.

To access the poll go to:

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I've been taking Nature-throid for about 10 months, whole tablet with water. I thought it was meant to be swallowed with water, on an empty stomach.


I've been taking NDT for a few years, now. Firstly I took it with breakfast, as Dr P does along with everything else; then I took it sublingually because of advice here on the site; then I took it on an empty stomach with water 1 hour before eating - because of advice on here; now I take it by chewing it and swallowing with water on an empty stomach 1 hour before eating because of advice ....

I haven't noticed much of a difference but I think, to be honest, that's more about not taking the correct dosage for me, which seems to be a never-ending bl***y saga. I'm not sure, unless near-enough the correct dosage has been attained, if such fine-tuning will be discernible.


The poll can be found here :

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