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how to take NDT containing cellulose?

I would like to ask those of you on Armour HOW you take it: do you swallow the pills, chew the up before swallowing, take them sublingually, or any other way?

I read that Armour was reformulated to make it more easily digestible from the GI tract. Many, however, recommend that you chew the pills up first, in order to break down the cellulose. But the manufacturer says it should be swallowed.

I also read that some people take supplements that break down cellulose (such as Candex) with NDT.

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'Until 2009, Armour by Forest Labs was the darling of all desiccated thyroid products. We could do it sublingually, and even if swallowed, it worked well. But by early 2009, it had been reformulated (an increase in cellulose, which binds thyroid hormones, and a decrease of sucrose). Because patients saw a return of their symptoms, they finally learned to chew it up to release the thyroid from the excess hardness and fiber. Then in 2012, some of the tablets became soft again and patients were happier. There are still complaints here or there about Armour, but there seem to be more people who remain happy.'


Hmmm...this seems to indicate that there is some truth to the rumours about a second reformulation of Armour somewhere in 2011-12...


Very likely.


I take 2x a day, before I go to bed or on middle of night if I've eaten anything at bedtime and late afternoon. I chew them up and dissolve under tongue.


Sorry, 2x of what?


2x 30 mg Armour each time (60 mg total per day). Still have hypo symptoms of fatigue tho they are a little better. Looking for a dr. willing to prescribe more than 60 mg/day.


60 mg is a a starting dose. Many end up on at least 3 grains or 180 mg a day. My doctor (in Belgium) has patients on as much as 7.5-8 grains a day. They feel just fine, and have no symptoms of being overmedicated.

Any doctor who knows what s/he is doing would know that 60 mg is nothing more than a starting dose. I hope you find a another doctor.

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Some patients end up on no more than ONE grain - or only very slightly more. Or possibly one grain plus incredibly tiny amounts of levothyroxine and/or liothyronine.

As with everything else in the world of thyroid, people vary.

It is simply wrong to assert that 60 mg is nothing more than a starting dose as if absolutely everyone who is on desiccated thyroid needs many times more. Some do. Some don't. Saying that one person needs EIGHT grains says nothing about every other person taking desiccated thyroid.


Yes, the endo who started me on 60 mg/day did it reluctantly, does not like Armour, and obviously does not understand about dosing it. He is ultra-conservative and conventional and would not budge to prescribe higher dose at the next appt because my scores look "normal." have an appt with another dr who prescribes Armour and should know for sure by then that continuing to up the dose is needed. I'm hoping she will come through for me.


Chew it up, let it sit in the mouth for a little bit, swallow with water, don't eat for at least 45 minutes.


Is my impression right that quite a few people are now happy with Armour Thyroid?


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