"Trust me I'm a doctor"again - have you joined here since the programme?

"Trust me I'm a doctor"again - have you joined here since the programme?

Hello & welcome, I was just curious as to how many have joined us since the TV programme mentioning Thyroid problems was aired (8th Feb series 6 episode 2)

I hope you are finding some useful info & answers to your questions here on HU.

Did you know further detail can be found on the main TUK website? link....


I was also wondering how many suddenly realise that there are alternatives to Levothyroxine (T4) out there? i.e. T3 and NDT (natural dessicated thyroid) as mentioned in the programme.

I'm thinking a poll would be better evidence, but a reply for now, to gauge the need would be gratefully appreciated....

I am having trouble getting to grips with the fact that alternative medications are finally published (hooray!) but doctors are refusing (scared?) to prescribe them :(

and we remain ill............ so

1) I have joined since the programme (Y/N)

2) I realise there are alternatives to Levo (which doesn't suit some people)

3) I am already taking T3 or NDT (with/without Levo T4) prescribed or not

BBC iplayer link (I think it's about 20 minutes in)


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  • No, Yes, Yes :D

  • no yes no

  • hello spareribs nice to see you back I was wondering where you are- I didn't see this what a bummer, what prog are you talking about? did they approve armour? please tell me more?

  • The programme title is in the inverted commas.BBC should be on catch up. Item lost in the middle with walk on part for Dr Toft.

    Raised the issues very briefly no resolution.

  • Hi Pettals, I am here but mostly lurking in the background now! As Treepie says Dr Toft was talking about T3 and they mentioned alternatives briefly - I've put the link up for you. :D

    and a link to the article here....


  • thanks

  • Yes, yes, no

  • No, yes, yes

  • No, yes, yes - NDT 👍

  • No, yes, yes - NDT

    If the programme has sent one person here and they find the help they need, then it is a good thing.

  • No yes yes - NDT plus 25 levo

  • no



  • No, Yes, Yes for me.

  • No, Yes, Yes ( my default state of mind......... :D )

  • No, yes, yes - added my own T3 to prescribed Levo

  • No, yes, no

  • No, yes, yes.

  • No , yes, no not yet

  • No, yes, no.

    I'd been wondering too.

  • No, yes, yes - NDT

    Feeling amazing and never going back on Levothyroxine.

  • No, yes, yes

  • No, yes, yes

  • No, yes, yes

  • I was pleased tonight to hear a Dr refer to Thyroid as potentially being a contributory cause of the patients memory problems. :-)

    At long last someone is taking notice of Thyroid effects! Long time ago since I started on this TUK website and it was the number of people with the same similiar sysmptoms as me (many of which I'd put down to effects of my brain haemorrhage and Brain Injury) that got me thinking and researching, also banging on, on here over the years, about odd apparently non sensIcal things that could be relevant to others. It has been the HPTA axis at the centre of things - reason I asked if males had had their tonsils out.

    A new thought also - did many boys catch mumps? I put both my sons into neighbours house to play with their son who did have it, but they didn't catch it! For those who did, did it affect their other adrenal glands I ask, in general! My eldest son however had 8 yrs of getting Tonsillitis every winter finally having his tonsils out aged 16! He has some problems with his legs and veins now, resulting in a lot of pain when he walks. Collapsed at Uni aged 19/20, with a breathing disorder. Both my dad and I had collapsed lungs at same age of 29. So there's quite a lot to be said about genetic inheritance of a missing or mutant gene!

    I've just had 2 days Sun/Mon I didn't take my Levo and the joint pain (sclerosing) virtually disappeared, it certainly lessened - however, the hair thinning and dry skin has been bad yesterday and today. Tues I took just 50mcg Levo - today Weds 100mcg - joints more painful - muscles weaker! I can still eat gluten without disastrous effects whether regularly taking Levo or not! 100mcg again tomorrow I suppose!

    There are some, but so few of the now huge list of Hypo symptoms that are relevant to me, in fact I could tick more on the Hyper list - yet a blood test 2 yrs ago indicated I had Hashimotos, not Graves' disease! I can't explain that!

    With Thyroid and the sclerosing I think the answer lies in the Protein element! What do we all have from birth almost - cows milk, there are 2 specific Proteins in it and known instances of milk intolerance in babies, children! I wonder what caused that in them, especially if they were not breastfed from birth, so their immune systems didn't kick in! Though C&G powdered baby milk had the protein element removed from it I believe I read recently! But when, in more recent years- not 45+ my sons ages now!

    I didn't breast feed either of mine but it's 1st born who had the health problems, not 2nd one. More food for thought!

  • No, Yes, Yes (I take T3 and T4 prescribed).

  • NDT or T3 is not supported by my local CCG :(

    (PDF file download)


  • No, yes, yes (levo + t3). :-)

  • I have joined since mention of the programme, but not watched it yet.

    Didn't realise there were alternatives to Levo

    Not taking T3 or NDT

  • No



  • Hi

    Yes - found you after seeing the programme and starting to do research

    No - before the programme I had no idea there was any alternative to levo

    No - but had ordered some t3 before finding you, possibly for a dubious source 😕 as still waiting nearly 2 weeks later.

    I've always blamed my continued symptoms on my mental health and the self medicating my depression with wine. Which I have recently cut right back on and haven't felt any better for it. Wasn't a screaming alchi just half to one bottle per evening down to just some on Friday & Saturday. Can't wait for my t3 to arrive 👍

  • Anyone have a link to this on Youtube?

  • I don't think it's on Youtube. The one from 1st Feb is there, but not this one (8th Feb).

  • I found that one, so will keep checking to see if the 8th appears.

  • Maybe too controversial for wider public consumption! ;)

  • I'm just listening to Michael Mosley on diabetes. He's slating GPs & nutritionists for lack of knowledge, & being 20 years behind current scientific understanding. Definitely controversial, but as true as we know it with regard to thyroid health! Maybe one day they'll realise our issues have been as misunderstood as diet!

  • you can watch it on BBC iplayer


    and that's another thing they lied about - blummin' TV Licence detector vans!

  • Thanks, but I'm licenceless, so need to wait for it to go up on youtube. :-/

  • Hi Leverette forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm sure you can watch it on BBCi player even without a licence

  • No - Yes - Yes :-)

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