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evening more frustrated.com!

right i ave been to doc re:- blood results!

sodium 137 ........(135-145

potassium 5.05 .......3.5- 5

creatinine 59......62-124

cortisol 244.......138-690

TSH previous results with in 3 which were 0.5 didnt repeat? dated 12. 2.15

VIT D....pending

T4 was blocked !!!!!!!!!!! so went to another doc in practise an he has manage to unblock an ''should'' get results mon! why r they playing god with my health, i am so angry. an so very ill its aving a major affect on my family, 3 older boys are very worried my daughter is aving to see a parent support worker to help her understand wot i am going throu! an now last night i ended up in A&E because my son (21 the youngest one) took 9 ibufren 400mg an a bottle of wine, beacause he is heart broken with break up to his g/f an work is pressurising him, an of course my health issues on top of all that, its so heart breaking to think he has done this, we r so very close norm, but because he knows i got my probs he didnt want to worry me anymore :( i really dont no wot actually makes me carry on, just when i feel things cant get worst. THEY DO!!!!

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my last B12 .......244


Your B12 is definitely too low. Have you had your Ferritin/Iron/Folate checked.

It is difficult to help without the results. A TSH of 0.5 is good for some people and not for others but what really matters is your actual hormone levels (ft4/t3).

Sorry you are having such difficulty. I know it can be hard to push with the docs when we are already feeling low but keep fighting. Get them to look into your B12 further and why it is low.



penny rose my t4 is 9 my cortisol in range, tsh 0.7 b12 244, VIt D 24 still awaiting apt for prolapse, ave apt for endrio in may 29th, i will persist, thankyou xxx

ps been reading bout test i need there is loads! lets hope the next specialist is more emphatic xx


Oh bless you. You poor love. I've been ill like you but also emotional problems from a terrible traumatic childhood, adulthood. Now I've met my lovely husband of 3 years who has been so great and I have had therapy started. However all the rubbish has come out and I felt so awful I felt suicidal. My elder son had same experience as yours and it's heart breaking. He loves you so much but you must not feel a burden, it's not your fault.... (do watch on iplayer from yesterday, thurs DIY SOS and get yr son to watch too as you will see what i mean. The system has let us down.... Now down to yr results. Get your T3, CORTISOL ETC tested. Go on ..Tyroid UK blood test result .. and it will explain levels and why the TSH measurement is flawed. I had so many symptoms some needing other meds but the symptoms I have are so similar to under active thyroid. Push the NHS, we did and got my results. My T3 is border line and my cortisol is low and they want to retest... I am taking Thyroid S, NDT. I think you can get retiable from the administrator on this site. I have had one days worth and my energy levels are better. Don't give up there is hope. Or private endo's on the site too. Good luck xx


hey thankyou althou this illness is not nice it helps that u understand me! i ave been dx with vit d deficiency. and yesterday i suffered a prolapse prob due to the very ad constipation i am experiencing at this time of very ill health, i am now waiting for apt to see bowel specialist !!!! when is this madness going to stop its one thing after another, went to endro an he discharge me b4 i even got results for T4 cortisol an VIT D ffs so now i ave been referred to one in bath hosp! as didnt want to go bk to suck an arrogant pig of a man, so that going to take another month or so now to see them!! but as i will prob need operation for prolapse i s'pose might aswell wait!!! my doc didnt ave clue how to treat VIT D deficiency ! the pharmacist on other hand did she had research it, but the doc only prescribed 800 when i read on a web site pro need to start very high ie 10.000 ! my son is much better now doing lots of things with friends an aplying for new jobs an just got a 400 tax rebated :) will keep u up dated hun thanks again x


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