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frustrated even more

Hi everyone,

Have been to docs today to show the private test results for myself and my daughter-they showed i am B12 deficient, results kind of dismissed but doc wants me to have more bloods done? I then went on to talk about both my daughters and my results show low ferritin and folate and perhaps they should be half way in range only to be told no and laughed at us?? I was only told this fact a couple of days ago-can anyone throw any more info at me please because i have also read these facts so why did doc dismiss this???

Thanks Kaz65

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What were your ferritin results, with ranges? Many GPs will say that within the range is enough, but the research, such as it is, is more complicated.


Hi Aspmama,

My ferritin result was 50.1 range (30-400) my daughters was 34.4 range was (20-200)

folate was 11.04 my daughters was 13.13 range for both is the same (10.4 - 42.4)

Any info appreciated




Well I think you could take some iron supps to get your reading up to around 80 or 90 and see if you have a bit more energy. I don't agree with halfway in the range if the top of the range is 400. I think that top is too high.

There hasn't been research so far as I know to establish the optimal serum ferritin. But at least one study found that women needed to be over 60 to feel less tired.


I would take methylfolate too, get it higher.


Forgot to ask what ages your daughters are.


ok Aspmama, thanks for your reply.


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