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Can doctors at your surgery label you or stereotype you because of having a mental health..

Reason I ask is- I have had 2 funny turn in space off 3 weeks symptoms was heart pounding on chest, lightheaded, racing heart rate of 130, sweating heavy, numb face, and confusion and slur speechfirst time it happen for 30mins and 2 time I had to phone 111 and they sent an ambulance out to me did tests like bp which was 152/102 heart rate was 102, they took me to hospital because they was worried about my glazed eyes and confusion an slur speech. Doc saw me did a ecg on me and nothing and told me I looked abit anemic and my neck looked swollen so felt around and started asking me if I had thyroid problems and I said yes and told him I had hypothyroidism but not on any meds and then he asked if I had any nodules which I said yes again and told me that I should be on meds and said coz I have nodules you will always have these symptoms if your not on meds and he advised me to see my gp surgery which I did and explained what happened and told her what the a+e doctor said and she came out with never listen to a+e doctor because there only juniors and I told her he was in his 50's and I believed what he said because he didnt know about my thyroid, she just laughed at me and said have you had counciling or help like that so I snapped because I knew where she was going with this so she said it all in my head.. so I think I might have to report her because I dont want her to get away with labeling me with my previous illness.. hope I made sense because im hopeless in writing lol

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You have every right to feel the way you do...can i ask you why you are not been treated for your thyroid problem?


I was diagnosed 2 and half yrs ago and was on meds 50mcg I was taken of them in november by a consultant because off my heart palpatation and he re checked my bloods in january and came back normal so was told I didnt need to be on them anymore.. this is why im confused on whats happening to be honest


Im not suprised your you know if your have positive antibodies?


I was told I didnt have any antibodies but do have 4 small nodules which was too small to test them..


Do you have any of your blood results...


When i was diagnosed my result was

Feb 2012 TSH-10

May 2012 tsh- 5

Nov 2012 Tsh-4 ,

April 2013 tsh- 4,

August 2013 tsh- 3,

and then bloods in January 2014 and was TSH-2.3

Was on 50mcg feb 2012 to november 2013


Your tsh was quite high even thoygh you were on meds. What concerns me is how would it be normal if you were not taking meds. Did your GP ever test t4 and t3. The last bloods that you had taken may just have been as a result of meds still in your system, do you know what that last result was. For most people with an underactive thyroid they need to be on meds for life.

From your tsh levels you needed treatment so what has changed in your doctors opinion.


Im not sure if ive ever had the t3 test but did have my t4 done in feb 2012 which was 26 never been tested since. Im due a another blood test in may to re check coz of not been on meds anymore.. Im not sure what my gp thought, he thought it was strange that my consultant at hospital stopped my meds to be honest


Was it an endo that stopped your meds


Its was a consultant in general meds


I think you need bloods doing now and as

k for a referal to an endo, an underactive thyroid needs to be treated and some of your symptoms could be due to that. Some people on Levo get palpitations and it can be due to a too high or too low dose or sometimes the brand. Whatever the causes you should still be treated or your symtoms will get alot worse imcluding mental health problems.


Thats what the a+e doctor said to me too even to ak my gp to re-do bloods so I went into see my GP friday and thats when she stereotyped me and said no to bloods and not to listen to the A+E doctor because there dont know anything. But she will do bloods in may and the A+E doctor said he thinks im heading for a thyroid storm if I dont get back on my meds xx


Thats very dangerous....can you see a different doctor at the practice. insist on an urgent appointment, it seems the doctor and consultent are out of their depth, you need to see someone who knows about the importance of treating an underactive thyroid.o you have a walk in centre where you live, if you do perhaps you could go there, you have have been left untreated for far too long.


Yes I can see another doctor at my surgery as I was going to see if I could get a second opinion as I didnt like how she treated me to be honest. Phoning them monday to get a copy of my 24hr blood pressure results and then going to write a letter too. And yes theres a walk in centre in halifax I can go.



It's all too familiar to me I've had my blood pressure over 200 in the past six months.

They will always try and confuse you. Make out it's all in the head.

I don't know what the answer is.

The thing is remember doctors don't know everything.

Rather than say this too you. They try it on!

Your not feeling well you need some assurance.

But it don't work that way.

I've found a doc in out of hours who will talk to me.

He will say I don't know the answer to that.

Whereas my GP will not come out

they say if your that bad go to A and E.

A and E just get rid as fast as possible. I've had some 50 year olds too. One was a lecturer in political science from a Indian university. He booked for a fought

night at A and E.

So if that docs on duty at out of hours he tries to help.

My GP's it's lucky they would get out the chair to look at you.

Hand attached to the key board.

I am in the process of compiling.

For the 3rd time of asking.

It's doubtful I will get anywhere.

How these people get compensation beats me?

All the GP does is get rid of you if your too much trouble.

Like you stick up for yourself.

That's fatal!

I had meningitis I was not getting any better I was bounce out of one practice into two others cause I stood up for myself.

The same things happened with the Lyme only worse. I had doctors lie and lose my GP notes.

Then put me on section 2.


While other doctors I spoke to afterwards knew. They would not get involved.



Many of us have gone down the same route & told it's all in our heads, this is crap you know your own body.......get a second opinion.

It's sad we have to battle in this way but unfortunately your not alone, I cant help but feel for you I have been in your shoes.

Be firm, do not back down, do not be bullied insist you are referred to an endocrinologist. I'm not surprised you saw red, I would have to.

I would challenge her, isn't it funny how they can always diagnose depression or mental issues but not thyroid ?

Take care. Jillymo :-)


I think you should get a new GP.


Thank you all for your comments.. this female doctor I saw was from my old doctors surgery which I left because I was not getting anywhere if I knew she moved to my new surgery I wouldnt have seen her but like you do d

you dont remember every doctor you see but im going to see if I can get to see the one that listens to me. Thanks everyone xx


Yes report her, do not let them get away with it. I really understand. Get em girl. Hope you feel better. X x


Hi Rachel, there's no doubt you have a thyroid problem and your TSH has been too high. I wonder when you were put on your tiny dose of Levo you converted any of the T4, to what your body needs, the T3. I have had symptoms like you when I've been undermedicated. I saw Dr Skinner and he said Palps can be your body's way of trying to pump around the little thyroxine you have.

Have you had a look at the thyroid symptoms on the Thyroid UK site? You can hopefully print these off and tick all that apply to you, and show your doctor. The problem we have is most doctors don't know what the symptoms are and just look at your TSH which doesn't really tell us what's happening in our body. Have you taken your early morning temperatures before you get out of bed? If it's low it can reflect that your thyroid isn't working properly.

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Hi helcaster. Yes I use to do my basal tempature and it use to be 95.2 to 95.9 throughout the day. It was low when paramedics checked it tuesday evening and it was 95.9 and sugar level was 6.9 what ever that means and bp was 152/102 and heart rate was 102 but standing it went to 130. but I feel I have symptoms of under and over if that makes sense. My weight is classed as underweight weighing at 41.2kg when my normal use to be 51kg so a massive loss to me,


Hi Rachel, yes your temps are low! Your sugar seems high. Mine is 6 and I keep getting told I'm pre-diabetic, your bp is high, which of course it can be with hypo. I think you have adrenal problems, and taking the two BP's can help diagnose that, it falls when you stand. Your GP doesn't want to act on any of these results???

Have you been tested for any anaemia? B12, Folate, Iron? I had bad palps and always aware of my heart and now I'm having B12 injections it's much calmer.

You urgently need treatment and for what it's worth a short synacthen test. It is pretty useless to be honest but it can check if your adrenal glands are reacting to stress, not how low your cortisol is. If you can afford it get an Adrenal Stress Profile done, I think it's around £70, I had my done by Genova, there's some info on private tests on the main Thyroid UK site.

Silly question, have you ever seen an endocrinologist?


I have asked in previous appointment to see an endo but I always seem to get refered to someone in general medicine which I know isnt the same. Think I might have to start saving up to go private to get treated properly. Because I cant carry on like this


Hi Rachel, seeing someone privately, or even seeing an Endo is no guarantee you're going to find a doctor who know much about the thyroid. Certainly didn't resolve my problems, and other people I know have had the same experience. That's one if the reasons I've been treating myself.


Funny how some gps are always trying to send NON-mental-health people to psychiatrists, when mental health sufferers are forced to wait 6 months (or

whatever), desperate to see one.

You've got to get to a thyroid specialist NOW.


Rachel, poor you, what an awful experience to go through, especially with the GP.

Can I suggest that you phone A+E and ask for the name of the doc who saw you,

(they should have your details and the doc you saw on record)

Then compose a letter for your GP's practice manager stating the advice given by the A+E doc (especially mention thyroid storm) (with the date and time he saw you) and that your GP won't follow his advice and ask for an explanation.

Then send this letter to the practice manager at your GP's surgery with a copy to your GP and the A+E Doc. making sure they all know you have copied them all in by putting: CC then all their names on all of the letters.

This should get your condition noticed and treated quickly.

Wishing you all the best x

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Hi flatfeet1... thank you for your advice on how to go about doing this.. im ringing my surgery up tommo and asking for a copy of my 24hr bp results and im going to ask if I could have a copy off what the A+E sent to them too, or am I better of ringing a+e up and asking them for a copy.. im hopeless at writing so I have asked a good friend to help me with it as she knows how bad I have been.. im more concerned about these hot sweats and slurr speech, chest pains and confusion plus other symptoms but those 4 im more concerned about.


Yes that's a good idea, they might have the A+E Docs name on them. If not I would ask for his name at A+E.

Just thought if you could also get an email address of A+E doc, practice manager and GP, this would speed things up rather than snail mail, they also seem to prefer emails rather than paper these days. (The surgery should also be able to email you the A+E report)

I would also state in your letter about sweats slurred speech and chest pains, I don't know if these could be symptoms of a precipitating thyroid storm or not, but it would be a good idea to mention all the same.

That's good you have a friend to help as I know how confusion can totally muddle, seems to be certain times of the day with me. I usually have more clarity at this time of night hence why I'm up and replying now. :-)

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


Hi Rachel

I'm sorry for what you experienced.

There's a name for the discrimination you experienced with the GP - it's called "diagnostic overshadowing".

It happens when doctors attribute all health problems to a past diagnosis (usually a mental health diagnosis or a diagnosis of learning disability). It means that people with past mental health or learning disability diagnoses often get worse treatment for their physical health problems.

If you write to the practice manager, maybe you should say you feel you are a victim of diagnostic overshadowing, they might take this seriously.

Here is a good article on the problem.....


Thank you all for your advise it is really appreciated. I will keep you all informed on what happens..

I just hope whatever I do it doesnt backfire on me lol.. I only want myself better so I can do things like I use to maybe like you all do too. I am really glad that all you lovely people commented because I now know im not alone..

WHY is this condition so hard to get proper treatment that everyone needs..

Thank you all again!!! Xox

Cant believe im still awake Ohh hang on I can believe it because im alway up till god knows what time lol... My partner all says how do I do it I say I havent got a god damn clue sometime. Hehe!!!


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