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Comparitive Blood results - curious to know ur thoughts?

Hi folks,

Had my thyroid function tests done last week as well as my iron saturation levels and just wanted to know ur thoughts.

My history is that I've had hashi for 12 yrs, been on T3 for 6 months now and have been on a 40mcg dose of T3 for the last 3 months. Biggest issue has always been fatigue but this year, things are definitely moving in the right direction and I'm feeling much better.

Just wondering what u think of my recent results and if my lowered TSH might be one of my reasons for feeling much better. Missing my T4 result but I've requested this result this morning. Here they are:

T3 1.7 (0.9-2.5)

TSH 1.06 (0.35-5)

Was previously on thyroxine (125mcg) and my bloods were as below for April last ur:

T3 1.3

TSH 3.03

T4 17.2

What do u think?

Also iron transferrin saturatuon levels done for the first time last week:

34% (25-50)

Also, Does anyone know how long it can take for B12 supplements to come out ur system, is 2 minths enough to test for a natural B12 reading?

Thanks everyone x

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Karen, it's probably the raised T3 which lowers TSH making you feel better. Your FT3 1.7 is exactly half way through range. If you've had a dose increase in the past few weeks it will probably improve further. T3 doesn't respond as quickly as TSH to dose increases/decreases.

8 weeks after you stop supplementing is about right for a baseline B12 test.


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