Ferritin test at home

Hi guys,

in my country you can order a ferritin test kit, you draw blood at home (my guess is from the finger), you send this to a lab and within 7-10 days you get the result.

Is this accurate? I want to know my ferritin level and my thyroid blood test is in 3 months..I don't know if my GP will allow me to also get ferrtin tested and i would rather know it now than wait 3 months.

Would like your thoughts, sometimes a couple of drops blood is enough to measure but don't know if this is also with ferritin.

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  • What country are you in, Flower3? Here in the UK I can order a blood test from Blue Horizon, get the package the next day, prick my finger that day (if it arrives early enough - if it doesn't I wait until the next morning) put the vial of blood in the post and have the results back 2 days later.

  • Oh, and a microtainer - more than a few drops, maybe 10-15 drops of blood - is sufficient for most blood tests, including ferritin.

  • Okay, so it is possible then. I'm from Europe and other than blood tests via the GP in a lab I can't find anything. This test kit sounds really handy.

    10 drops sounds like a lot, is it easy to do? It's only 18 euros so I think I will just try it. It is easier than discussing it with the GP and going to a lab.

  • Yes, it's easy. It can get a bit messy - I think they put heparin on the lancets or something to make you bleed more easily (that's what my former nurse hubby reckons, anyway). So long as you have nice warm hands to start with all is well (helps to put them in hot water for a while before you get started). And if the blood dries up in one finger it's fine to prick another and carry on. The test kits here usually contain at least 3 lancets - I think they try to cover all eventualities, LOL. Just make sure you read the instructions well before you get started. It's akin to colouring your hair, I sometimes think. ;-)

  • Thank you! Putting the hands in hot water is a must as my hands are still cold, haha.

    How does the blood stay good if you send it with the post?

    I will give it a try and post my results here.

  • They put something in the tube to stop it from clotting, that's all I know. The results seem right though, so it must be ok!

    Good luck :-)

  • I did a pinprick test yesterday. It was very very easy, needed 11 drops to fill the tube and did it in a very short time. The secret is warm hands!! and using the lancet in the fleshy part of your finger tip. Good luck

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