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daughter still getting reflux

my daughter is on the Paleo AI diet and all was going well for some time and was taking HC Peptin which worked well to ease her acid reflux. She only stopped taking Peptin because she was burping so much which mean her stomach acids were working OK. However, it's all started off again. She is taking supplements i.e. zinc, selenium, magnesium, B12, Vit D. Also her eyes are always red and painful looing. I am worried to why she is having this pain between her breast bone once again.

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Perhaps a lower dose of betaine + pepsin might help? What brand and dose was she taking?

Many brands have a dose of betaine of about 600mg per pill/capsule.

1) Solgar does a tablet which is half that (this is the one I'm currently using) :

2) Digestive enzymes could be helpful instead. I use these ones, which also include a small amount of betaine HCL :

3) Perhaps digestive bitters could help (I've never tried them so can't comment). They are mentioned on this page which is worth reading fully :

4) Or try cider vinegar diluted in water. I don't use this so I'm not sure of the dosage or how/when to drink it.

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thanks that but i actually use a better make according to 'planet organics' where i buy all my stuff - sorry at work and don't have the make. However, she stopped taking HCP Pepsin weeks back but she is now burping all the time it does mean her stomach acids are fine but the seem to be overworking a bit to much.


she has tried cider vinegar {organic}. At the moment using HCI Pepsin a and she has used solgar as well in the past.


anjh, has your daughter been checked for Helicobacter pylori infection?


she was years ago, could have her tested again. I am actually going with her to our GP this afternoon to see if it's a GERD problem. So might ask them to recommend a ENT specialist. But thanks for that i will certainly ask for that in the first instance H-Pylori.


sent sample to GP 16 March 2015.... will see what it comes up with. She dose not eat meat but we have 3 house cats.


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