Long awaited...Endo appt. only to go back to square one!!! Sssssssso incredibly frustrated, disillusioned, and completed bummed!!!

Today, was the day I was so desperately waiting for...and bof-I feel like it was a huge disappointment.

I showed the Endo my blood tests as per my previous post. She said I was normal, despite me insisting that I wasn't. I even wrote 2 full pages in FRENCH of all the symptoms I was experiencing, problems with hairloss and with ferritin. Again, she repeated my results were normal and get this---she said my ferritin was fine as well.

I tried my best to explain nicely that perhaps I needed help with T3 since it didn't look like the T4 was working. And even though it may read as normal, I don't feel normal due to extreme fatigue, bloating, intolerance to cold, now joint pain, 12 kilos weight gain in 2 yrs, etc.

Finally, only because I kept persisting. She said I should continue taking 75mg LEVOTHYROX french version, then take 1\2 pill of 25mg. I mentioned I take my pill at night so it doesn't conflict with my vitamins, and she dismissed it and said I should take them in the morning.

Then, she said in 5 weeks, I should have a xray of my thyroid and my cortisol,TSH, T4 L (free) and AC ATPO checked. Of which she wrote 2 "orders."

That was it!




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  • Enfrance, I don't understand why you are disappointed. You've been prescribed T3 and the endo has ordered comprehensive tests which certainly doesn't show a lack of care. It's a shame FT3 isn't included now you are prescribed T3 though. 12.5mcg T3 is equivalent to another 37.5mcg of thyroxine. If you haven't taken T3 before I suggest you take it in two split doses of 6.25mcg. One of the doses can be taken with your thyroxine. There is research showing that absorption of thyroxine can be better at night leading to a lower TSH. Take it at whatever time you prefer.

    Doctors do seem to be satisified that results in range, anywhere in range, is good enough so I'm not surprised ferritin 46 is acceptable to your endo. You don't agree, so all you need to do is supplement iron until levels are optimal. If you feel better then you were right to supplement and if you don't it looks like the endo was right and higher level is not important.

  • The 1/2 pill of the 25g is the same as the 75g Levothyrox or T4. The Endo would not listen to anything about possible treatment with T3. Otherwise, I would have felt like she really heard my plea for help....thus my disappointment.

  • Enfrance, I'm confused. Is the half pill she's prescribed T3 or Levothyrox?

  • Levothyrox total 75+12.5.

  • Enfrance, Ah, I thought the 12.5mcg was T3. I see why you are disappointed.

  • Don't give up. You can make your own appointments with Endos. You can look on the French thyroid forum and ask for recommendations in your area.

  • OK, so how do I find this so called french forum as I haven't had any luck so far???

  • I know exactly how you feel. I too have the same symptoms as you. Was looking forward to finallly seeing the Endo. Only to be told I eat to much (not that he asked what I ate) and im depressed. I asked to have my results of my bloods and scan on my thyroid, 3 weeks later no results. Something needs to be done as I read so many people having this problem and endos/doctors do not listen. No matter what you say they will not believe you. All im gonna do is try and self medicate myself instead of wasteing my time with them.

  • A typical appointment. I have seen 5 Endo's. I have no confidence and/or look forward to any doctors visit anymore. Total waste of time and money. I get terribly upset and they basically all say that my symptoms have nothing to do with thyroid issues.

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