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B12 & Ferritin Results, Advice Needed

Hello people,

Would someone be able to give me some feedback on the blood tests below. The notes from Blue Horizon did not comment on the ferritin but the remarks on B12 were borderline low and suggested 400 to 500 would be better. Are there any further tests I should take such as folate or to test for pernicious anaemia - what is the best way to raise my B12.

Ferritin 137.4 30 - 400 ug/L

Vitamin B12 244 142 - 725 pmol/L

Many thanks


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I would first make an appointment with your GP and show him your B12 and ferritin results and ask his advice re PA? He may want to do these tests himself. If he says you are in 'normal' range you can supplement with sublingual B12 methylcobalamin which you can buy through Amazon (if you wish) and Thyroiduk get a small supplement of any item bought through this link:

You cannot overdose with B12 methylcobalamin as our body takes what it needs and excess is excreted.

Another will recommend how to increase your ferritin level if GP has no suggestions. Taking folate supplements can mask a B12 deficiency.


Tango2, I agree with Shaws, show the B12 result to your GP and ask for folate to be tested as they are co-dependent and synergistic. Hold off supplementing B12 until you know whether your GP will test Intrinsic Factor to rule out pernicious anaemia as a cause for your low B12.

Ferritin is optimal half way through range, but I don't think yours is concerning. You're unlikely to get NHS treatment but can supplement Ferrous Fumarate which is available OTC. Take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation. Iron must be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.


Thank you for your replies.

Do you mean approach my NHS GP, are these results close enough to being taken seriously?

The last thing I want is to be ridiculed or patronised.

Is there a good source of private testing for Intrinsic Factor?

Thanks again


Tango, try Blue Horizon or Genova.


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