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Please could someone comment on my blood test


Dr has refered me t neuro as I have glove and sock neuropathy

No reflexs at all in my left foot and no toe movement

I asked her to recheck my b12 so I was armed with info when I go

B12 is 298 range is 191-663 so she still says its normal

6 months ago it was 338

Folate is 5.1 range 4.6-18.7

Tsh 2.22 no t3 or t4 as this is in range you can't get through to them that with graves others need test

But that's a rant for another time all of my other full blood counts are in range but all at lower end

My question is could I still have b12 diffcientcy or even pa my grandmother had pa

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Your B12 is very low within range and neurological symptoms aren't uncommon when B12 is <500. Low B12 can be due to malabsorption but intrinsic factor should be tested to confirm or rule out pernicious anaemia prior to supplementing. If you have positive antibodies for PA you will need loading B12 injections until neuro symptoms subside and lifelong injections thereafter. If PA is negative injections to restore levels may be helpful but it is more likely you will have to supplement sublingual lozenges, spray or patches.

Folate is also low in range. Halfway is optimal so when you supplement B12 you will also need to supplement folic acid or methylfolate for a few months as B12 and folate are synergistic.

TSH 2.2 looks uncomfortably high, particularly for a Graves patient. Most are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0. Read Dr. Toft's comments in this link and email if you want a full copy of the article to show your GP.


Pa is possible but so is hypothyroid or diabetes

without all the tests its hard to say

doctors need to wise up and labs need to stop refusing tests for t4 and t3 because you may have central hypothyroid

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Well I have graves so was hyper was a bit over medicated went up to 8 now I'm 2.2 but these are symptoms I had at start of treatment treatment has improved a lot of symptoms but hands and feet have slowly got worse I have had fasting test for diabetes

And that was ok but then who knows doctors don't seem to look out of box I'm 52 now and many of symptoms started at 46 gp said I was menopause

Despite that blood test showing I wasn't she gave me hrt strange how she gave me a strong drug like hrt

Despite bloods being normal but they won't treat thyroid or b12 with symptoms when I went for a repeat prescription 2 jd Dr said oh you are to young for menopause as she was wrighting prescription

I gave up on it after a year because it was not making any difference


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