Comment on spoilt blood test please

I posted on Friday about having a call about spoilt bloods and having to rush in to nurse to have another.

I have my results today and oddly they have tested thyroid on first bloods (how if they were congealed ) and liver , bone Etc on second sample .

I have been taking , after a rocky start , firstly 5mcg and 10 mcg for the last few weeks.

TSH 0.12mu/L. ( 0.35. - 5.5

T4. 17pmo/L. (9. - 23 )

T3. 5.5pmol/L. (3.5. - 6.5 )

Results in April

TSH. 5.76mu/L

T3. 4.1 pmol/L

T4. 15 pmol/L. Same ranges as above

Any advice welcome !


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  • PP, Results are excellent, TSH low, FT4 mid-range and, FT3 near top of range. Do you take Levothyroxine too?

  • Yes Clutter


    Why do I STILL feel Crap 😱 ? Lol


  • PP, symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months. Are ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate optimal?

  • Clutter , yes everything is fine .

    I was going to take another 5 of T3 today making 15 . What do you think?

    Endocrinologist put me on 20mcg a day and I felt ill.

    I followed your advice and stopped it and then started reintroducing after a couple of weeks.


  • PP, try the extra 5mcg. It will put you at top of FT3 range. If you feel hyper cut back to 10mcg.

  • Thanks Clutter

    Still looking for that sweet spot that you and I think shaws described when I first came to Health Unlocked .

    Best Wishes


  • PP, Having corrected vitamin deficiencies and low levels and found my 'sweet spot' with T4+T3 I certainly don't feel as well as I was 7 years ago before thyroid nonsense started. I'm a heck of a lot better than I was 5 years ago though.

  • Good to know Clutter.

    I lost weight when I was Hyper and never put it back.

    I know weight is a sore point on here , but I could ill afford to lose it as I am tall and slim.

    I have noticed that I have dropped another 2or 3 pounds and hope it's not the T3 as I am beginning to resemble a 73 year old stick insect which is not a good look.

    Cheers pp

  • PP, low weight is a problem for me too. I gained 13kg in 6 months and loved how I looked. In hindsight I suspect it was the onset of Hashi's but at the time I felt very well. 2 or 3 years later I felt very hyper and ill and lost 13kg in 10 months. I lost another 7kg when I was switched to Levothyroxine. It's taken 3 years to gain 3kg and I'd be happy to gain another 4-5kg.

  • Let me know if you find the secret Clutter.

    I hope it's not the T3or I will have to stop it. 😕

    Many thanks for you replies.


  • PP, I put a little weight on when I was on T3 only and lost it when switched to Levothyroxine.

    I don't eat enough because I don't have much appetite. Eating more is probably the secret.

  • Clutter

    That would leave me out then. I don't eat a lot but I do snack between meals.

    Are you not good on T3alone?


  • PP, I was recovering but not well on T3, but I was only on it for 3 months. I have no idea what thyroid levels were, other than TSH was probably suppressed, so I could have been over or under replaced. I was switched to T4 after RAI and felt poisoned but I was considerably over-replaced to suppress TSH and FT4 was very high for months. Dose was reduced over months but I got worse, not better.

    T4 only causes me a lot of adverse effects but the addition of T3 calms them. I like the security of having some T4 in my system to see me through if there were to be shortages of T3 or I wasn't well enough to take thyroid meds for a couple of days.

  • I'm glad you have it Sussed Clutter.

    I hope you stay well !

    Pp x

  • Thanks, PP.

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