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tremor and slurred speech

I am a hypothyroid patient n currently using Levothyroxine sodium 75microgm once daily, for the last 1year. As of 06-02-2015, my TSH is 1.82 (ref. range: 0.45 - 4.5 mIU/L) and FT4 is 1.09 ng/dl which is normal. and ft3 is 1.86pg/ml (ref. range: 1.45 - 4.4 pg/dL)Previously I was actually diagnosed with hyperthyroid n successfully treated the disease. Its been a year or more with thyroid working normal I must mention that this thyroid imperfection is very much connected with my stress and anxiety level. Please suggest me what do i do for my hand tremor and slurred speech ? This hand shivering is very much embarrassing n disturb me alot in my activities and confidence level. Secondly, doctors to whom I went said that for my hand tremor and slurred voice is due to anxiety. i also got brain mri done which was normal and showed it to Nuerologist who said it is action tremor / anxiety related

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Many, I think you are slightly undermedicated. TSH of people on Levothyroxine is usually comfortable just above or below 1.0 with FT4 towards the top 75% of range. You haven't included the range for FT4 but your FT3 is less than half way through range. A dose increase to 100mcg would, I think, be helpful initially.

The link below includes comments from Dr. A . Toft who was president of the BTA and discusses dosing and thyroid levels. Email if you want a full copy of the article to show your GP.

Hand tremors and slurred speech are common symptoms of B12 deficiency which along with low folate, vitamin D and ferritin are common symptoms in hypothyroid patients so ask your GP to do blood tests.


Ft4--1.09 ( 0.8 to 1.8)


Many, your FT4 is less than halfway through range which makes it difficult to convert to sufficient FT3. Ask your GP to increase dose because this will raise your FT4 and FT3 and reduce your TSH.


Do you have any other symptoms like numbness or tingling anywhere? It could be related to a b12 deficiency. It is worth getting your b12 and folate tested as deficiencies in these can cause neurological problems. It would also be a good idea to get your copper levels tested along with glucose, cortisol, sodium, potassium and calcium checked just in case it's an electrolyte balance issue.

Hopefully getting your thyroid treatment optimal will give you some relief.

Carolyn x


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