swollen neck

well today i notice d my neck is more swollen and lump under my jaw is more prominent

as is my larynx(?)and thyroid definitely.should i see a dr .am in 2 minds cos went to A&E on friday and they wanted me to stay in but had dogs at home so couldnt leave them .hospital said they would call me to go for a scan .i am thinking i should call them and say if they want me to come in and stay in i can after i have put my dogs in kennels

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  • no the lump etc has been there since august last year.no pain just swelling and difficulty swallowing=thyroid?

  • no offence but what do people think I have been doing fro the last three years .dr not listening or taking me seriously.dismisses symptoms and only goes on bloods which he says are always "normal".so been fobbed ff for all this time.give s me meds and creams etc btu wont refer me for recurring symptoms.has ignored weight loss,visible rashes and discolouration ,swelling in legs and fac e.the list goes on .im not giving up the battle.

  • have they done ultrasound on the area yet?

  • not yet .have an appointment with my gp on 5th march .will ask him then.

  • I was having neck/thyroid/shoulder things going on...They gave me an ultrasound and saw a smaller lump they said. They then made me wait another 3 months to see if it got bigger(doc felt it this time to see)...he wasn't sure, so I got another ultrasound. He then said, its ok just lots of little (I guess nodes). My thyroid is on the move lately...Im hypo, but it either dislikes post menopause years, or as my rhumetologist thinks I have mild lupus.They never saw anything with xray for me....I don't have a regular GP, cause there is a shortage here (IM in Canada now). That makes things a little scary...I hope you get your stuff worked out...all the best:)

  • Hi I think if you had been admitted nothing much would have happened, it needs looking at but i do not think A and E is the best place to go. I would find a good Endo, ask for a referral. In the meantime ask GP to arrange an urgent ultra sound of the thyroid. Swelling and nodules are common with thyroid disease. However, if nodules found make sure they biopsy them , under ultra sound at a later date. This is a precaution but vital.

    If swallowing and voice a problem ( mine is very bad with thyroid disease) then just to be sure ask for a referral to an ENT specialist who specializes in throats. he will do a simple throat endoscopy, out patients, not painful, a little unpleasant, and then will take biopsies if needed. This is really just to be sure.

    Your Endo should want you also, to have a calcium test. If over range, then ask GP to do an AM blood for vit D , calcium and P.T.H ( parathyroid).If all over range or 2 and D just high for you, then an nuclear scan of the PTH.

    This is quite a common symptoms with thyroid disease.

    Best wishes,


  • hi Jackie I know I would ahve stayed in all weekend before they do anything.if I cant get a gp appointment where else am I to go?i saw ENT last year for nasal problems and all he said was " its not your sinuses" which wasn't my problem.

  • Hi I agree all very unsatisfactory Is there another doctor, GP in the practice you can see, even if better to wait for a locum when yours is on holiday. generally they work independently of the others, ie not bound by there ideas.I just feel if you go through A and E, unless very lucky, you will end up with the wrong person and it will just make matters harder to deal with.I have.I have to use A and E a lot for emergency admittance at my hospital, I am very ill , cardiac and renal especially, still very hit and mess, good doc or bad!I have no choice.Also if nothing urgent in hospital, they take days doing nothing..I have seen lots of people in , in this situation.

    I would certainly find a really good Endo before you start and then ask GP for a referral.Some docs are wonderful, also some dreadful ones. It is harder when seeing a bad one to then get the correct treatment.

    I hope this helps a little.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi,

    Why don't you phone and see when they want you to have a scan? You could ask if they would need you to stay overnight at the same time.

  • I am going to call them today cos if I do go in and they want to do further tests then I need to put my dogs into kennels.

  • done and got a cancellation tomorrow

  • Just go to your Doctor! rather than A&E they will do the correct tests in the correct order ..I don't see why a scan has to be an overnight stay... Good luck and don't let animal care stop you doing what is best for you ..Your health is best for them in the long run.

  • hello luluberry

    thats why I went to A&E in the first place cos I was in agony and there were allegedly no appointments available for a week.so who would leave their dogs alone at home without food or access to the outside.my dogs are my family and I told the nurses if they let me go home on Friday i can put the dogs in kennels and come back in the next day.they said htye would call me,when I ve been dismissed by & battling with dr's for nigh on 3 years a weekend is no t going to make any difference,

  • I would go to G P and arrange a Scan ,biopsy and an aspiration and find out exactly what is going on .i myself had a Thyroidectomy after these tests but blood tests had been clear mind you that was 22 Yrs ago

  • i am sorry if I have mislead anyone.my hospital visit on Friday was not for thyroid -I wouldn't go there for that-but fro severe abdo pain.phoned the hospital and got a cancellation for tomorrow for scan

  • just tried to book another appointment with a different gp but the system would not let me do so as I have one booked already with my own gp.unless I can manage to get one tomorrow whilst at hospital

  • hope it all goes well. I know what it is like to be on your own and have dogs. best wishes

  • thank you,where would I be without my dogs,they show you unconditional love and understanding.my Annie is always there for me.

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