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Multi vitamin

Had a tremor in one hand for 10 years, first started when I was pregnant & hungry.. It only did if I held my hand out for 10 seconds & then it would start... Any way I've been taken extend strength multi vitamins because my blood shows I've been low.. Well I've held my hand out this morning & the the tremor has Totaly gone.. Could it be vitamin B12.. Anyone???

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Rudeboy, There isn't much B12 in a muti-vit so I would be surprised if it was enough to restore B12 if your tremor was due to low B12. You could ask for a B12 and folate blood test 8 weeks after you stop supplementing to check your levels.


I've been taking a spray under the tongue too.. I've also stopped swaying so quickly when I stand feet together & eyes closed..


Rudeboy, If you've been using the B12 spray I think it is very likely your problems were due to low B12. The sprays are very effective.

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