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Vitamin D

Hi Marz and Rob

I've been asked to email you both from Greygoose regarding my Vitamin D3 intake.

I'm taking 2 X 600 mg per day of Accrete D3 film coated and

Hux D3 20,000 IU colecalciferol (vitamin D3 500 mcg) X 3 X per week.

Can I over dose on this.?

I had a bone density test approx three months ago I was told I needed this test as I had an accident two years previous and broke my leg and damaged my shoulder, I was told this test should have been carried out when I had my accident! I don't know what the readings were as at the time I wasn't worried and assumed the doctor knew what he is doing, I've joined this forum since and now I am not so sure

The Accrete D3 I've been taking for approx three months

The Hux D3 was prescribed a couple of days before Christmas.

I appreciate your advice please

Thank you😷

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Wrote you a very long reply with links - having recently helped a friend here with osteoporosis. Will need a coffee before I write it all again :-) Back soon......... !


Something to be going on with - just lost it for a second time :-)

The above Doc wrote a great book called - Sustainable Medicine - which was a great read....


I would like to explain here that the problem, as I saw it, was that Accrete D3 is actually a calcium pill with a little D3 added - 10 mcg! It's not 600 gm of D3 as I first thought!

Then we have Hux D3 20,000 IU, and I couldn't work out how much that was in mcg, to add it up to get a total daily dose.

I work it out as being 290 mcg per week, which when retranslated into IU works out at next to nothing! I wasn't concerned that she was taking too much, but not enough to do anything! But - and this is a big but - I am absolutely useless at maths! So, didn't trust my own figures and suggested she ask the general public to help. lol

I also suggested that it was a bad idea to be taking all that calcium. Why, for goodness sake? I Don't think Gwendoline has even had her calcium tested, and isn't taking any vit K2. I suggested she have a serious talk with her GP about that!

Gwendoline, have a look at this link :

I also suggested you post your level of D3 when you were tested. You seem to have forgotten that. :)


Greygoose is right about the magnesium being crucial for bones. Good link too. Your B12 is on the floor and that is also needed for good bone formation. Calcium can be a problem if left in the arterial system to circulate - hence the need for VitK2. D3 improves the uptake of Calcium from the gut from foods - so K2 is important in directing calcium to the bones and teeth.

Recent research indicates heart problems increase in people on calcium supplements. Other hormones also need to be checked as your progesterone could be low. Also implicated in problem bones.

If your D3 result was in nmol/L then you need to divide it by 2.5 to arrive at ng/L which is the range used in the link below about how much to dose.

Calcium is involved in osteoclasts - which in turn are involved in the turning over of old bone and the osteoblasts are involved in creating new bone.

Low stomach acid - could this be a problem..... ?

So lots of reading and learning. Doubt the GP will be helpful but you could try !


So, can anybody work out exactly how much she is taking?




2 x 10 = 20 micrograms per day

20 x 7 = 140 micrograms per week


3 x 500 = 1500 micrograms per week


     1640 micrograms per week = 65,600 IU per week

     234 micrograms per day = 9,360 IU per day

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OKayyyyy so my maths was way out! Oups! Anway, I knew it probably would be, that's why I told her to repost the question in a seperate thread.

Gwendoline, I Don't care what it says on the box, if you read the incredients you will see that it is a huge amount of calcium, and a tiny bit of D3. I doubt your doctor knows the difference.

Taking calcium is dangerous.

Taking D3 is necessary if you are low.

But, you do not know if you are low. So, if it were me, I would go back to the doctor and insist he tests both D3 and calcium. That's what the tests are called, and if you Don't have those names on your lab sheet, then you haven't had them done.

It won't hurt if you stop taking both of them until you have the results. Explain to him everything we've said on here, might educate the moron!

What were the results of your bone density test? I Don't think you've told us that, yet.

To build up bone, you need lots of different vitamins and minerals. I shall be posting an article on that later. But just taking calcium is really not going to help your bones much at all. And could have an effect on your heart.

I've never heard of vit C helping people come off PPIs, but... However, Don't start on 2000, because you might not be able to tolerate it. Cut the tablet in half for a few days, and introduce it gradually.


Hi Greygoose, Marz, Helvella and Spareribs

I just want to get it over to you Marz Helvella and Spareribs, I am no way challenging what you are telling me or advising, suggesting. I just wanted to let everyone know what it says on the box, and more importantly don't always trust what your doctor is prescribing or believe "what's on the box" (for other sufferers on the forum to take note).

All of you have been nothing but sympathetic more than helpful with your kind assistance and help, I can't thank you enough, the D3 is going in the bin, I think I might be having a few words with my doctor, I might ask him if I can see his licence to practice and check his surname isn't Quack, Pratt or Moron

Vitamin D (PR11685) - low vit d script. 46.6 nmol/L 50.00 - 125.00 nmo/L

Done complete course.

I found the above section on my bloods I posted.

I will ring my doctor and ask for a print out of my bone density test and type out the results later, I'm still toying with the fact to sod them all and go it alone apart from my thyroxine up to me seeing the Cardo and see what nonsense he has to say, sorry but extremely cynical towards the medical profession now and I doubt I will ever trust a doctor etc., again.

Thanks to all you are much appreciated 5 stars to all of you.

You're all 💎's


Hi Greygoose, Marz and Helvella and Spareribs

I've just collected mr results, for some reason my doctor wanted me to have another blood test just after Christmas but this time they only did my TSH, T4 and T3 guess what they told me it was normal.

Bloods taken 30th December at 10.30 am after nil by mouth from the previous evening only water. Plus no Levothyroxine for over 24 hours.

FREE T4 (PR11685) Normal no action required

Serum free T4 level. 14.8 pmol/L 10.00-20.00 pmol/L

Serum free T3 level Normal no action required

3.6 pmol/L 3.50 - 6.50 pmol/L

Serum TSH level. 4.4 mU/L. 0.35 - 5.50 mU/L

Note new references ranges for FT4 and TSH from 2nd July 2015

Bone Density Test 6th -August 2015

L4 deleted due to the appearance suggesting sclerotic changes.

Spine L1 - L3. BMD = 0.910g/cm2 T Score = - 2.2

Z Score = - 1.1


TOTAL HIP LEFT BMD = 0.832g/cm2 T Score = -1.4

Z Score = - 0.6


The results show osteopaenia and treatment name be considered if:

A) the patient has previously had a low trauma fracture ( broke my leg Seotember 2014)

B) is receiving glucocorticoid therapy; or

C) has a low BMDfor age (Z score of less than - 1)

Even if treatment us given lifestyle advice to improve BMD should be provided and BMD re-measured in two to three years.

Could this be why I get lower back pain on my left lower back side?

I look forward to your replies.

Take care



Oh, gosh! I Don't understand a word of that! But, your FT3 is definately much too low! Your FT4 is low, too, and your TSH too high! All in all, far from normal! You need an increase in something or other - T4 or T3. Thyroid hormone is also important for bones!

So, your vit D was 46.6? Was that before or after you started taking the vit D? You definately needed something, but he should have tested your calcium before prescribing something that was high in calcium. Anyway, your not going to take that, you said. Get your own vit D3 from Amazon, and take it with vit K2. Then, you can add magnesium, and then some zinc. :)


Hi Greygoose

Thanks for coming back to me

My Vitamin D was on my bloods results taken on the 18th December 2015 this is after taking D3 that the doctor prescribed I.e. The one full of calcium that is now at the bottom of my bin, I have been taking this for approximately three months!

I have not been tested for Calcuum, I doubt I need any now do I after taking the crap he gave me?

I increased my thyroxine just over a week ago from 100 mg to 125 mg I still feel rubbish I have also been taking B12 again for just over a week. If I feel no better I intend increasing my thyroxine to 150 mg in another 7 days.



No. That's too soon. You must stay on any one dose for 6 to 8 weeks. Your body cannot take rapid increases or large increases. Slow and steady wins the race, here.

So, are you still taking some vit D3? Because you do need it. But one without calcium. And take some vit K2 with it.

Good that you're taking B12 again, but you need to take a B complex with it. To keep the Bs balanced.

Then, in a couple of weeks, you could add in a little magnesium. :)



Ok will do re increase for Levothyroxine.

D3 only stopped from yesterday, I intend buying some off the Internet with B complex and V2, going to do that now.

I didn't stop taking my B12 Been taking it for just over 7 days.

Thanks for everything



Hi Greygoose

I've found a Vit K2 super booster a 200g pouch but it has 225 mg of calcium in it is that OK.

I've also found D3 with no calcium and a B complex which I intend ordering if you could let me know if the Vit K2 is ok please?



No, K2 with calcium in it is not ok. You want K2 just by itself. I get NOW K2 100 mcg from Amazon. You do not need any more calcium.


Hi Greygoose

Thanks for your reply.

I'm not taking any calcium at present as the D3 the doctor prescribed went in the bin. I'm still waiting for delivery from Amazon for my self medicating tablets.

I'm still taking the Hux D3 as it doesn't mention that there is any calcium in them but I'm only taking one three times a week as prescribed by my doctor.



But the Hux is only 500 IU. So, you are only getting 1500 a week! That is not enough to raise your vit D3 levels. You need more like 5000 a day at the moment.


From what I can see, and there may be other Hux products, their product is 500 micrograms, which is 20,000 IU. 😊


Oh god! this is so confusing!!! I thought it was 500 IU. So, in the first place, he grossly over-dosed her? So, what would you advise she takes?


Hi Greygoose

The HuxD3 is 20,000 IU or 500mcg which is what my doctor prescribed on top of the D3 Accrete, which I have been taking for about three months but is now in the bin because of the high calcium content.

The HuxD3 I have been taking for just over two weeks 1 X 3 times a week.

Have I been over prescribed then, only they gave me a wrong prescription to me a few weeks back I.e. Tablets for high blood pressure when I have always suffered from low blood pressure from an early age when challenged I got oh it was a mistake not sorry, no apology nothing!



OK, well, that gives you between 8000 and 9000 a day, which is ok given that your level was so low. But ask for it to be tested again in a couple of months. :)


Hi Greygoose

Ok will do and thanks again to everyone


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1 IU = 0.025 mg - so 600mg = 240 IU's . Is that right - I too am hopeless at Maths !


But it is 600 milligrams of calcium (in the form of 1500 milligrams of calcium carbonate) - not D3! :-)

Each film-coated tablet contains 600 mg calcium (as calcium carbonate 1500 mg) and 10 micrograms of colecalciferol (equivalent to 400 IU vitamin D3)

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..ooops - think I must be tired - it's my bedtime here in Crete !

Thanks Rod !


Thought of you with the name of the calcium/D3 product. :-)

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:-) :-)


Hi Helvella, please see my reply re D3 or Calcium. I don't know what I am taking now. The calculations that you and Marz have come up with re whatever it is I am taking!.. Is it too much or too little do I need to be taking it or is my doctor filling me with yet more crap that is not necessary like (see my notes on Omeprizole and Simvastatin)?

Thank you



It is a relatively high dose - but without knowing what your vitamin D level is or was, it is not possible to say whether it is appropriate.

I have many times taken 10,000 in a day, a tiny bit more than your dose, but not every day, indefinitely. It is not a ridiculous dose.

The belief in vitamin K2 does seem to have some good grounding in research. It might be sensible to get some.

Do take things steadily and, as you have indicated, don't change too much in a short time. Some things take weeks or months to have either their desired effects, or their undesired side effects.


Helvella, Marz and Greygoose,

Thank you, could you just clarify is D3 one and the same as Calcium?

If not which is the one I need more of D3 and/or Calcium.

Is there a better make on the market that I can be taking rather than the ones the Doctor has given me. Could you hazard a guess as to why I've been prescribed as well as D3 and the Hux I would have thought just to increase the D3 as I have been taking 2 daily for approx 3 months, it all seems a bit haphazard and worrying especially when a couple of months ago I was given tablets that I had not had of taken before because of this I read the leaflet in the box which stated the medication was for heart disease and low blood pressure (I have always suffered from low blood pressure) and never been told I had heart disease. I rang the Doctor told them what I had read, I was told well you have had them before, I argued and replied sorry but I haven't, and the reply to that was oh I will check with the Doctor, I had a call later that day and they said it was a mistake no sorry no apology nothing, so when you Marz and Greygoose have said that the amount is high (I will call in my Doctors tomorrow and ask for the D3 result) you can understand my worry?



Absolutely NOT the same at all.

Calcium is a metal and is very often found around us as chalk or limestone. Calcium carbonate (which is in Accrete) is pretty much exactly that.

Our bones are largely calcium phosphate. The idea of taking calcium is to have enough to build, repair and restore bones.

D3 is one of the forms of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for numerous processes in the body - including building and repairing bone. Generally, the D3 form is preferable to the D2 form.

You DON'T want more calcium than you need. Taking the Hux is increasing your vitamin D without ALSO increasing your calcium intake.

Your vitamin D test (if you have had one) might or might not mention D2 and D3. It depends on the lab. So just ask for the results of any vitamin D test you might have had.


Hi Helvella,

I will call in my doctors tomorrow and get a print out if indeed I have had a D3 test, I don't think I have, just a bone density test which I was called into the surgery and told we will be prescribing D3 going off your test result!

Thanks again will say good night now😴


Hi Greygoose, Marz and Helvella

Many thanks to all for your help, I am going to print off all the links you have sent me and read them and try and take it in.

I must admit I am totally lost now! I thought I was taking D3 as that is what it says on the box in big yellow and red letters!

Will my D3 be on the results I posted on here where it showed my B12, T3, T4 etc or is it a totally different test?

Will anything have showed up on my bone density test, I'm not really sure why the quack oops sorry doctor requested I have this test, it seems two years after breaking my leg to have this test done is a bit like closing the stable door once the horse has bolted!

I've ordered Vit C 1,000 mg off the internet and was intending to take two at bedtime in place of my Omeprizole which I am currently reducing from one a day to one every other day until eventually stop them all together, I have also stopped my simvastatin of 40 mg per day. I've also increased my Levothyroxine from 100 mg to 125 mg and introduced 5 mg of High Strength Methyl B12.

I was going to purchase T3 in the next couple of weeks, as I have taken on board what Greygoose advised which was only to introduce one new medication every two weeks.

No my Doctor has never mentioned Vit K2 but after seeing what a mess my health is and how it has been managed by my Doctor (or not as the case may be) nothing surprises me anymore, I just want what the majority wants on here to feel healthy, get my life back, if that means either trying to find a decent, sympathetic doctor (I won't hold my breath) or putting two fingers up to all of the medical profession and medicate myself then so be it, that saying if you want anything doing, do it yourself comes to mind!


I desperately need to know what I should and should not be taking, please advise.

Thanking you all in anticipation. Gwendoline


Hi Gwendoline

Supplementing D3 tends to increase calcium absorption anyway, GPs often prescribe Adcal (or similar Ca/D3 combination) but most folk don't need to take extra calcium as it can cause problems elsewhere - your GP should have tested your calcium levels with your Vit D.

As you probably have read, K2 helps control calcium too (some found in brie), magnesium is also essential for healthy bones (I prefer a soothing epsom salt bath, mg spray helps too).

per Rod's calculations: "Combined" you are taking nearly 10,000iu D3 daily - when I was low (40?) I was taking 4000iu drops daily - it took 3 months for my shin/joint pain to ease then later up to optimum levels (100 nmol/l for me). The grassroots site is very helpful in calculating how much D3 you need (be aware the UK measure is nmol/l but in USA it's usually ng/l). But I don't know your starting level.

I managed to persuade hubby not to keep taking Omeprazole, he saw how difficult it was for a friend to try to come off it. He has apple cider vinegar or betain HCL for his indigestion (as he has low acid not high). Or he just avoids bread/pasty/cake/pasta etc. It takes a while to discover what works for you. I can't comment on statins - but Malcolm Kendrick is a recommended read (the cholesterol con etc.)

I agree with GG to introduce one change at a time, make a log, so you know what is working. Best wishes, Jane :D


disclaimer - I'm no doctor just a fellow sufferer, info on my profile

(it's a good idea to update your profile for informed help - I do as I keep forgetting stuff)

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Hi Spareribs

I only joined this Forum the middle of November 2015, I have had some brilliant advice which I fully intend acting on, I am a bit confused of what I should be taking to help me, just the D3 and or Calcium I am confused about. I have quoted what I am taking and my intentions of what I am doing in my previous email that you have replied to. Omeprizole - I am a very determined person I will cut it out all together, I gave up smoking thirty years ago from 30 a day I just stopped none of this cutting down or patches etc. It makes me more determined when I know at the end of the day I will feel and be healthier.

It's the D3 I am taking it clearly states on the box that it is D3 so is it not D3 but calcium.

Am I ok to introduce the Vit C I have ordered off the internet 1,000 mg 2 at bed time, I was advised to take this for my acid influx?

I'm sorry to be a pain I will get there eventually.

Thank you and Good Night💤


I remember finding this site in 2010 before my op (ouch, that long!) and thinking... wow! folk know how I'm feeling and reply, alternatives are discussed openly- it was an eye-opener. And, it wasn't just me, even 'tho I never trusted GPs since one didn't even recognise mumps (how obvious is that?).

I know vit C is great stuff & works in tandem with iron - but a treatment for acid reflux - I don't know, it depends, if you've been on PPIs for a time (like omeprazole) it will also take time to adjust & you may well be producing more acid to compensate - I have no idea and would not attempt to advise you - have you had a test? is it too much or too little acid? a hiatus hernia? endoscopy? there are too many possibilities.

All we know is folk often report 'indigestion' or similar problems as Hypothyroid metabolism, including digestion, is slowed down, and many of us seem to be gluten or wheat intollerant too - however I'm droning on and you have gone to bed! So goodnight! - food for thought in the morning! Jane :D


Gwendoline - have not been replying as I have not received your Posts. People will only receive your reply/comments when you click onto reply below the person you wish to receive the reply !

Hope you are sorted :-)


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