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Armour Thyroid

Hi, I am 27 and have been on Levothyroxine for nearly 10 years. I have learnt to live with the symptoms of hypothyroidism after going to the doctors numerous times to be told my TSH and T4 are "normal". I have got to the stage where i am going to the gym twice a day just to kept my weight stable! I have another appointment with the endocrinologist coming up but when i ask for an alternative to try i get told its the standard treatment i am getting. Anyone know where i can buy Armour Thyroid to try? I am currently on 100mg Levo. Please Help!

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I've just received NDT of another brand I will pm you the pharmacy. If you post your blood test results here people will comment on the "normal" I'm not very knowledgeable but learned a lot on this site. I go to the gym a lot, walk have an active job and a stone overweight.


Thank you! I'm having my bloods done again as I took my levo before the test last time :(


That's a good idea. Post them here with the ranges - ask a copy of the results at the gp. Ive got so much help from this site! Saved my life literally


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