Why can't I get a prescription?

I've recently been referred to see an endocrinologist but been informed today that I won't get an appointment for at least another month. I am getting dizzys spells and slurring and I feel I can't go another day let alone another month without any meds! My gp says I'm borderline so unsure if meds will make it worse!! Why are they so reluctant to treat me? I am breastfeeding and it's frightening me that in so sleepy at night!! My results show I'm secondary hyperthyroid and thankfully ive learnt this from this community! I'm forever grateful! My results - tsh 3.1 (0.27-4.20) and t4 - 7.7 (12.00-22.00)

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  • You can wait quite a while for an endo appointment, mine took three months to come through but I was started on anti-thyroid drugs right wpaway.

    If your GP hasn't checked out your B12, vitamin D, ferritin and folates ask to have that done as soon as you can.

    Someone else will come along and tell you about your TSH and T4 - I know I would feel terrible if my TSH was 3.1 even though it is within the 'normal' range - add looking after a baby to that and no wonder you feel awful - you haven't reversed the lab ranges for the two results have you?

  • Thanks fruitandnutcase. I did make a mistake on my previous post but the result posted most recently are correct. Thanks again :)

  • Danyell, I've amended your TSH and FT4 ranges which you transposed.

    I think your doctor may be unsure how to treat secondary hypothyroidism and want guidance from the endo before treating you. As you are struggling you could ask her to contact the endo for advice as to whether to start you on Levothyroxine prior to your consultation next month.

  • Thank you Clutter. Yes you are right she did mention she was unsure what to do and she would write for some advice. I'm just a big worrier atm, wondering "why" all of the time I think I'm slowly driving myself crazy!!

  • Hang in there, Danyell. Your GP is trying to do what's best for you and doing nothing at the moment is better than doing the wrong thing. The main thing you can do to help yourself is to get as much rest and sleep as you can in between breastfeeding and looking after your baby. Housework and chores can be caught up with when you are feeling better.

  • Thanks Clutter, I've been to A&E this morning due to more frequent dizzy spells. I had a low heart rate and low blood sugar. I saw a specialist who has prescribed 50mcg of levothyoxine and when my specialist is back off holiday il get an appointment asap. We got there in the end!! Just a case of trial and error now I guess. Thanks for you replies :) how do I go about getting a charity box? My hubby and I run a surf shop and I want to do my bit for this charity :) x

  • That's great news. Hope it's not too long before you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed 😊

  • Thanks fruitandnutcase x

  • Danyell, thank goodness you're on Levothyroxine now. It's not a quick fix as it will take 7/10 days to be absorbed and you may feel some improvement but the full impact of 50mcg can take up to 6 weeks to metabolise. Take it with a full glass of water on an empty stomach, 1hour before or 2 hours after food and drink, 2 hours away from other medication and supplements and 4 hours away from vitamin D, iron, calcium and oestrogen. You can take it any time night or day as long as you are consistent. When you have a blood draw take your Levothyroxine after the blood test or it can skew the results.

    This is the request form for collection boxes. Thank you.


  • Clutter's right, you need to get as much rest as you can. I was fortunate my kids are grown up and it was just my husband and I at home. I was quite selfish and only did things I wanted to do not things I felt I ought to do. I did as little as possible and slept or lay around as much as I could - I'm sure it's probably not easy with a baby but be kind to yourself and try not to worry about things that can keep.

    Not surprised you're worrying, anxiety is one of the symptoms of being hyper. I worried for England when I was at my worst. If you don't hear back from your doctor fairly soon call her again to remind her you're still feeling awful.

  • It might not help but when, in the past, I have been stuck on a long hospital waiting list, I have been able to contact the department secretary and ask if they have any cancellation appointments. One department actually held a waiting list.

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