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Levothyroxine Prescription

Hi all. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a young(ish) man more years ago than I can recall and have been on 150mg Levothyroxine for ages. No problems with the treatment nor the dosage, but the prescription process is a bit of a pain and so I am interested in any feedback available from this forum. I generally get only 3 months of levothyroxine at a time on prescription (currently down to one month while waiting for the results of my annual check up), and this is proving to be somewhat of an inconvenience. In the past I am sure I was able to obtain a large pot of the little white pills to last me a year or so, but now no longer. Since I am having to take the medication for life and since my review is yearly, it would make sense that I could get a year's supply (I'm quite happy to pay a prescription charge for the privilege). I have asked my GP on more than one occasion, but 3 months it remains. Any advice or comments would be of great interest.

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Prescriptions are usually for two months.  The BTF carried out a campaign to get it increased from one to two months, see .  (I hope it is OK to post this link, ThyroidUK is far better than the BTF but credit where it is due).  It does seem a little silly for the NHS to pay all those dispensing charges but your doctor is already sticking their neck out with a three month prescription.


Hi there  at our surgery 3 months of any medication is the most issued at one time.beyond that time it's only given on a private prescription!!


If being away from home interferes with collecting your prescription, Lloyds Pharmacy will post, at no charge.  But it's a signed-for service, which may cancel out any convenience...


Section 6, paragraph/recommendation 9 of this document:

Levothyroxine should be prescribed and dispensed in quantities covering three months  supply, where appropriate, in order to address issues of continuity of supply and also to improve convenience to patients.

Some forms of repeat prescribing appear to offer something like twelve prescriptions which can be called off one at a time. Not myself having such an option, I have not looked further.

Most people seem to get 28-tablet blister packs. So little pots (of any number) are relatively unusual for levothyroxine.

I suspect that in the near future there will be changes as electronic prescribing becomes standard. Whether we like and accept those changes is another matter entirely.


You are lucky to get 3 months. I get a 2 month supply, and have had to fight to keep that as my practice wants everyone on a one month supply only.


Thank you all for your advice and shared experiences. Clearly it was worthwhile joining this forum. I guess I'll just have to put up with the 3 month prescription supply limit.


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