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Please Recommend Some Meds Without Prescription?

Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for a while but i'm looking for some advice.

I originally saw Dr Peatfield a few years ago who diagnosed my hypothyroidism. I took his advice and tried various supplements, and saw some improvement but I gave up as I wasn't seeing a dramatic improvement. I tried armour thyroid and various supplements (nutri thyroid etc.)

I have decided to try self treating again, as my temperature is still around 35c and my heart rate is still quite low. I feel fatigued a lot of the time, especially after I eat in the day, so I would like to try some Levothyroxine and possibly cytomel.

I have been eating a new healthy eating diet for the past 6 weeks, and I feel somewhat better, but I have heard a reduced calory diet isn't great for your thyroid, so it would be a good time to get some meds.

I had a 24 Geneva Urine test done and my results were -

t3 - 494 pmol/24 hours reference range 592-1850

t4 - 309 pmol/24 hours reference range 347-1994

Please could you pm me any recommendations for reputable overseas pharmacies that you have successfully ordered meds from?

I am a vegetarian so not really looking to try desiccated thyroid again, would rather try some synthetic meds.

Many thanks in advance.


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Adam, do you have any recent thyroid blood results you can post? I've not seen anyone on the forum able to interpret urine results but I can see your FT4 and FT3 are below range.


I agree with Clutter but just wanted to add that if you haven't had a recent blood test to check your thyroid it would be worth asking your GP to run another test as you are now a few more years down the line.


Hi there, thank you for both of your replies.

Unfortunately I have a needle phobia so I'm not looking to have any blood work done.

I'm happy to self medicate, starting on low doses of t3 and t4 and then adjust based on the change in my basal body temperature.

I just could do with some recommendations on reliable overseas pharmacies as there are so many out there.

Many Thanks, Adam


Could you do the Blue Horizons fingerprick test yourself? I've got a bit of a needle phobia although I can give blood, it's the thought of injections where they put stuff in that I can't bear.

The home fingerprick test comes with everything you need, you put the lancet on your finger and press it, the spring bounces the tip into your finger and you just collect the blood. Not painful in the least believe me - I'm a wimp. You can order it through the Thyroid UK website, they are doing a Thyroidplus 10 offer just now for (I think!) £89 - results back in a few days - very good value.


Hi Fruitandnutcase,

Yes I could definitely do that, I have a blood glucose test kit and I'm fine with that, it's just giving blood that I can't manage.

I have to wonder how accurate the fingerprick test is though, have many people on here done it?

Many Thanks, Adam


Sounds like your answer then. It's very accurate. The lab ranges aren't the same as what my hospital uses but I think it's all relative really.

I've used this test several times and have always been happy with it. The price has come down since I first used it and now I thought the Thyroid plus 10 was amazing value. You get a doctor's written review of their findings too.


Hi Fruitandnutcase,

I have just ordered the test so I will come back with my results next week, thank you for pointing me in the right direction :-)

Many Thanks, Adam


Excellent. Just keep calm when you do it first time - I wasn't calm at all, I was anxious that I wouldn't get enough blood!

Do the test early in the morning for best results, make sure your hands especially are warm, have a big drink of water before you start and (unlike me the first time I did it!) read the instructions through a couple of times and lay all the bits of the kit out in advance.

Oh and don't do what I did last time - I did it so close to the side of my finger that the blood ran down under my fingernail. It's very easy really. I also do it early in the week so that I'm not posting it off over the weekend where it might lie in a post box somewhere. 😊

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That's great thank you for your advice :-)

Many Thanks, Adam


I can't direct you on where to get meds, as i haven't found another source for my t3, yet. I too have a fear of blood draws and i have had it done over 50 times, since 2008. My veins are full of scar tissue and painful..it's all so gross, i have been living a nightmare!! Anyway, the best bet, if you don't want blood drawls, is self treat with t3 only. You go by symptom relief only, no labs,, because labs look abnormal, TSH will be very low, no ft4 reading, only a t3 level and labs aren't reliable , really anyway for determining a dose. You never have to worry whether you are developing a high reverse t3 ..weather you are converting or not, you don't have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks to raise, each time, it works quickly etc..

If you find some, can you PM me?

Thanks so much!


I wanted to clarify..this is my opinion and why i did t3 only, besides the fact that i don't convert well. I would like to say it worked for me, but apparently whatever keeps me from converting, keeps me symptomatic. I am having tests now, to see what can be done. ..Urine and Saliva tests!


Hi Faith,

I can't believe you have had your blood drawn 50 times in the past few years, that's awful!

I have received my test kit so i'm going to try this and see what the results come up with. I will pm you what another member has sent me.

Fruitandnutcase, quick question re. the test kit.

The instructions mention yellow, purple and grey tubes, but I have only been sent a yellow one. Are the different colours for different types of tests?

Also when it says mix the samples, does it just mean invert the tube a few times?

Many Thanks, Adam


Hi everyone,

I have just done the finger prick test.

I encountered a few problems but got there in the end.

I had to prick my finger about 5 times to get enough blood, and then the blood in the collection funnel clotted so I had to remove that and take the lid off the tube and put the blood directly into there. So I would definitely recommend to make sure your finger is VERY red before doing the prick, otherwise you won't get enough blood.

I then thought it had gone wrong as the blood in the tube clotted, but I rang up the lab who said that was supposed to happen!

I used the finger pricker from my blood glucose kit (you can adjust how far the needle goes in) so it wasn't painful at all.

Hoping to get my results back by the end of the week :-)

Many Thanks, Adam


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