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T3 and Primary Myxedema Heart Disease

For anyone interested some information on T3 treating heart disease.

Primary Myxedema Heart Disease


A case of primary myxedema heart disease in an 84-year-old man is presented. His history and physical examination were typical of myxedema. Electrocardiographic changes showing generalized low voltage, nonspecific S-T segment and T-wave changes, and nodal rhythm are characteristic of the disease. The patient showed remarkable improvement after oral liothyronine (Cytomel) therapy.

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Interesting Flatfeet, My gp usually says not to have too much T3 because it can affect the heart. He also told me a few months ago that my chest xray showed a slightly enlarged heart,but it was nothing to worry about. ??????


T3 obviously can affect the heart . . . in a good way :-)

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The book is about research done in Italy when Cardiologists and Endos came together for the first time. You can browse the contents of the book. Liothyronine - T3 - seems the star of the show :-)


That looks a really good read Marz, I will read the extracts. I really wish I could afford to buy it.


Me too - have had it on file for a couple of years. It was posted here - but sadly I have forgotten who - one of the regulars :-) Some of the research is on PubMed....


t3 really is a remarkable drug for those who need it.


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