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Supraglottic myxedema

It's frustrating. 30 years difficulty swallow wing. Past five years are progressively worse. Decreased primary peristalsis laryngeal Edema. Now 3 times mess to emerg. Can't breath. My heart doesn't feel right. I am a very healthy 60 female. At least last week I was. Everything is normal. That's what they say. I get the tests. Partial lung collapse. Media stingless lymph nodes. Low sodium. Low chloride. High ac gap. Low row. High cholesterol but my ldl is good. I know how ridiculous this is. Can't negative heart failure. Acidosis. I decide I need to do something. They aren't. Wouldn't encourage anyone else to do this but my body temp barely gets up to 37 at the best of times and my oxygen saturation went to 91. I am desperate. Start taking a half does thyroid medication I got my hands on. Three days later I am starting to feel better. I can breathe. Doctors don't know how to assess anymore or take a history. They can't even interpret multiple tests. They use to deliver babies and do minors surgeries. I did better with the nurse practitioner who had a brain

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Welcome to the forum, Spongeybob.

Have you had thyroid function tests? High cholesterol can be a symptom of low thyroid level. This link describes a patient's supraglottic-myxoedema resolving after her overt hypothyroidism was treated with Levothyroxine to restore thyroid levels

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Thanks , that helps me too☺


Nurses are ,as you say, more aware and more competent.more actual experience in most cases, as they still practice nursing and are totally overused by so called docs.


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