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Just for once - a laugh!

Recent blood tests showed my thyroxine levels had dropped - consternation all round - have been stable-ish for forty years plus. New tests ordered p.d.q., When I got home I remembered I am treating my cat for hyperthyroidism with medication I have to rub into his ear - I use a rubber glove on the hand I use, but of course, I take the glove off with the other hand ! Mystery solved....

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Thanks for a laugh!........glad you are OK!

You have reminded me of when I was handing out publicity leaflets for Thyroid UK and my local Supermarket manager said he'd take one as his wife's cat has thyroid problems!!

I think Lyn and Louise were a bit worried in case they got approached for advice.


Lizp, How funny :-D Was your GP amused, relieved or cross?


Haven't got round to telling her yet .....


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