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forgotten how to laugh

Dont know if its connected but im really down in the dumps and dont seem to snap myself out of it. I started hrt about 3 months ago, and to start with i felt better, but now i dont feel like socialising at all, id rather stay at home on my own. And i seem to be getting quite paranoid and worrying all the time, about everything. Im normally quite outgoing and cheerfull, i have got a big problem with my hearing, and recently had it checked, not good it had got quite alot worse in the last 2yrs. im not ancient at 50, but am feeling it. It feels like a black cloud is following me around. Last bloods taken in sept and were on the high side, which is unusual cos im normally underactive, could the hrt be affecting my thryoxine asborbtion. Any answers please.

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Yes, according to this link it could:


Thank you so much, not going mad, but will go back to gp and insist on another blood test, am due for one anyway, had to remind doctor about this already. So glad i got onto this website, thanks again, will let you know outcome.


Hi, here is another link to an article published way back in 2001 for your GP to wade through, in case GP is the type who (wrongly) disparages perfectly valid info from Thyroid UK

The vital bit is this:

"...women with hypothyroidism who are treated with oestrogen have a decrease in the serum free thyroxine sufficient to increase the serum thyrotropin concentration, resulting in an increased need for thyroxine."

It would be a brave GP who argued with valid research published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


...and another: Title: Interaction of oestrogen therapy and thyroid hormone replacement in post menopausal women.

Link to the abstract:

In my opinion it is disgraceful of any GP not to know of this connection.


Thank you very much, phoneing gp today, and printing these links out for her, she,ll be responible for my breaking up with my fella aswell at this rate, will give him it to read aswell. I need him to help me through this, cant help feeling so depressed. Thanks again x


Hi, vickilou, sorry my link to the pubmed was wrong, here is the correct one:

which gets you to the abstract where it notes that transdermal ET (estrogen therapy) does not affect TBG levels and so would not be expected to alter thryroid function.

For good measure here is the title verbatim:

Interaction of estrogen therapy and thyroid hormone replacement in postmenopausal women.

I am really sorry the link was wrong as this article will be further good stuff for your man and GP to take account of.


Heavens, a typo snuck in...try again:

Phew!!! Third time lucky!


thanks for that, ive saved that link, as Im coming up to that "age" :)


Hi, tingles, I hope you are not depending on the Pubmed link as I cannot now get it to work but the one I posted to the New England Journal of Medicine does.


Hello. I too am a 50 year old on HRT since August. Initially I felt much better too.

I too feel very low and suffer with anxiety. I started on HRT as anxiety is noted a symptom of menopause although also a symptom of thyroid. Prior to HRT my TSH was 2.12 (july)and since has dropped to 1.82. (Sept). In desperation started anti depressants in October which have helped somewhat but not completely.

I don't understand if this means the HRT is making my thyroid work better or if this is a false reading...

It's no fun is it... So we need to establish if our symptoms are menopausal, thyroid or life related ..x


No, it doesnt help that doctors dont even know that it can affect the thyroid, my doctor says no you,ll be fine, no problems. Makes me wonder what they do actually teach doctors nowadays. Im very gratefull to this site, i will be printing that link out and taking it with me. Ive been hypothyroid since i was 6yrs old, and just reliaed on the doctors knowledge, it was only just recentley i started having problems, and was told it was my age, ha ! I used to have a very good doctor, but he retired, and now im on the 3rd gp in surgery, and here we are. So gratefull to this site, glad im not going mad. x


It says on page 3 that oestrogen (in the contraceptive pill and HRT) can raise the levels but the thyroid activity is unchanged. This could make your levels look wihin the normal range whereas they are actually BELOW the normal range. That is bad, it means the reading s are falsely elevated.

Then it says "Oestrogen provides more of the transport protein, making the hormone inactive" so your system is being starved of the hormones it needs, but the blood test look OK to the uninformed GP.

Also: " After starting on any oestrogen therapy, (like the contraceptive pill or HRT) ...have TSH tested to see if the oestrogen is having an impacton overall TSH and the thyroid function and might require dosage adjustment.

So this means your thyroid readings are likely to be false, just as you wondered. It can look as though you have enough thyroid hormone but the readings are falsely elevated, your thyroid is not working as well as the tests might indicate.

Assume your anxiety etc. are thyroid based, please print the link out and show it to your GP to bolster your case but this information in more detail must be available to her/him from their own resources, if they bothered to look. Sometimes when they know the patient is aware of matters they chase info up.

I apologise for seeming to labour the points but I know what it is like when you are undersupplied with thyroid hormones. I hope this helps, you were on the right track.


Problems with computer mean I accidentally omitted reference to Page 2 under the heading "Medicines that seem to increase T4 and T3, although neither actually stimulates the production of more hormones" False readings again.


Hi, Aseamark, thought I'd tell you that I've posted 3 links now in total, hope they are all of value to you.


Thank you for your kind response . It still leaves me very confused. I was pondering on having private bloods as our lab won't test T3 and T4 if TSH in 'range'. But going on what you have said, it would be a waste of money as I assume the HRT would also affect these results too? Anna


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