Quick improvement am I imagining it?

So I have only been on a T3 t4 mix for 4 days. 12.5/50. Although I'm still tired I wonder am I imagining that I already feel lifted?

How long before anyone else starts to see improvements? I will be upping the dose tomorrow and I'm hoping that's going to have a marked effect on how I feel. Is it crazy that such a little bit can make a difference enough to notice it?

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  • Even if its imagination enjoy it ;-). Now seriously I felt a difference in the very first days too and my period got better in the first month. So hope your improvement just gets better!

  • Fingers crossed. Is it mad I just feel happier.... I remember being happy all the time, Cheshire cat was what the work buddies called me. I'm still knackered and still hard to get out of bed but the mood change is a huge thing for me!

  • So happy for you! I know exactly what you mean. When I start feeling good is when I notice how bad I was before phew!

  • imok, Lifting your mood may mean your serotonin level is being affected and T3 is the active hormone which works faster than T4 (storage hormone). Your brain and heart need great amounts of the T3. It may all be in your head but it it's T3, that's a good thing:)

  • Thanks for that. It's ridiculous, a few days and I don't feel like I'm surrounded by dark clouds anymore. If it's in my head in your sense I'm delighted!

  • Imok, some people feel an improvement within a couple of days. It will take 6/8 weeks to feel the full impact so you should hold off increasing dose for a while yet. Overmedication can be as unpleasant as undermedication.

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