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Hi everyone Just had an interesting visit to the doctor's to have thyroid bloods taken due to allergic reaction to Carbimazole, she has taken B12 again, I have told her I have been treating myself with patches and Jarrow B12 Sublingual and she has told me if they come back low then when I go to see the doctor she said to demand the b12 as that is the only way I will get them as everyone else who demands them gets them, she told me to go on pernicious anemia website and read about it and she said because of low iron and thyroid problems I should be getting them and I shouldn't have to pay for them myself.

My results from visit to the endo are TSH 0.01, Free T3 6.54 was 6.41, Free T4 14.9 was 13.1, it says on the letter T3 Thyrotoxicosis. My Fsh was 6.6 u/L , LH 9 u/L and Oestradiol 376 pmo/L and says sugest gonadal functions noormal, not sure what any of these mean no ranges are given, being put on 50mgs Propylithiouracil once a day TIA x

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May I ask what your allergic reaction was?


Hi I had a rash and itching no sleep for days.

Just got new Blood results TSH still 0.01, T4 15.9, T3 7.04 .

Looks like everything is slowly rising except for TSH. x


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