I have tried probiotics a few times, but never really seen any benefit from them. However the more I read about gut health, the more I think it might just be the quality of the probiotics! This is being re-inforced by a couple of folk I have come across who rave about Symprove. BUT the price of the stuff, and the fact it comes with all sorts of yukky additives puts me off that.

So, no need to tell me if you haven't had any real benefit from your probiotics, but if you have found one that is really good, and has made a difference to you, please would you share?

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  • I tried 4 months on Symprove and found no improvement. Just think we need a much better quality Levothyroxine than that which is on the market at the present time. Or, maybe we need to change medication.

  • Thanks j_bee. I am already on NDT, and loads of stuff for my adrenals but haven't hit the sweet spot yet.

  • Have you tried making your own kefir from Tibetan milk mushroom culture, initial culture obtained from e-bay. Have a read of Gut and Psychology by Dr Natasha Cambell McBride. Tackling gut health is more than just taking probiotics although they play an important part. It may also be necessary to look at parasites as a possible cause of poor gut health as well as eliminating all sugars which feed on bad bacteria in the gut.

  • Try fermented foods made at home, far cheaper and lots of probiotics, youtube videos for making sauerkraut, yogurt ect.

  • Mmm, yes. I have a yoghurt maker - too knackered to use it half the time! But I could buy some Kefir starter. I use organic UHT milk in my yoghurt maker, but have not been able to locate organic milk powder, which does make a much nicer yoghurt!

    And I have been reading up - again - on GAPS and SCD. It just makes my heart sink! Although I am quite a long way there, grain and largely carb free, because I know they upset me. But it just seems to require so much attention to detail, which is not my thing! However, it would not be difficult to increase my fermented food intake. Have you made your own sauerkraut? I used to love the stuff as a child, but my mum bought it ready made.

    It may just be that I have been reading the GAPS guide because its available on Kindle, and its written by someone who imagines their OCD is under control!!!

  • These probitics are very good. I have had them for years:

  • I take Kiki's Nature's Biotics. They are soil based organisms and work really well for me - I take two or three a day and wouldn't be without them (they're not cheap, but Kiki do special offers at times and I have my Thyroid UK discount with the Nutri Centre which makes them affordaable).

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