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Hi, my 11 year old daughter has an underactive thyroid and coeliac disease. She's quite well controlled on her dose of thyroxine at the moment and takes extra ferritin. She keeps experiencing bad headaches - sometimes everyday. They seem to be at the back of her head/neck. Are these normal headaches that people with hypothyroidism suffer from? Is there anything that helps as I'm reluctant to be giving her paracetamol and/or ibuprofen regularly.

Thank you

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Not going into her temples too are they? Bruxism. ( teeth clenching) whilst sleeping Can cause awful headaches and is linked more to those who are hypo.... Though I can't remember why. I read about it in dr mark starr's book.. Hypothyroidism type 11

The remedy is a mouth guard which helps spread the load.... It sorted out my headaches and stopped the abcesses I was getting as the roots of the teeth died.

Might be worth asking your dentist for advice?

Xx. G


No the pain doesn't go into her jaws but I get those so I'll try a mouth guard. Thank u


Have you got any recent blood test results to share?

Quite well controlled may not mean optimally controlled. Plus I guess puberty is hitting? Oestrogen and thyroid hormones have to be in balance.


No I know if they're not optimal it can affect them. We've had experience of that. I've not got any recent thyroid blood tests


It would be interesting to know what her "well controlled " thyroid blood tests along with symptoms you may not link to hypothyroid because i would consider them linked

her headaches may be connected to thyroid

they may be connected to pituarity

they may be linked to puberty

either way they should be properly investigated inc MRI /CT head scan of pituarity in case the problem is there


I don't have any recent thyroid blood tests. What sort of symptoms? She sometimes feels sick with headaches, complains of her eyes stinging, always has trouble getting to sleep but apart from that not much.


Do you use foil,non stick pans,aluminium pans ,food or drink out of cans

Have water supply thats treated with aluminium salts or has flouride added

those symptoms can also be effect of aluminium absorption


Hi Sharon

I suffer from Graves' disease and when I go hypo my first symptom is a head ache at the back of my head. When this happens I know to have another blood test.


Headaches and trouble sleeping could link to low iron - you say she is taking extra iron - is her iron level being monitored?

I gave my young son a supplement for a long time containing 80 per cent of the RDA, but he was still iron deprived when tested, below the lab measures and WAY below optimal.


Does she have Hashimoto's? How do you know she is well controlled on her meds?


I have those symptoms when I eat foods that I am intolerant to, I have Coeliac disease as well as hypo-thyroid


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