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Thank you

To all the people who listened to me and gave me advice last week in regards to whether I should get tested. My doctor is happy to test my tsh, tsh4, I think he then said depending on how the results come back he would then test thyroid antibodies or he would test them anyway, I can't remember what he said for that. Equally he wants to test me for caeliacs (not sure if that's how you spell it. Pronounced see-lee-acs) and he has also ordered some other test as well. He was lovely and said that doctors encourage testing for thyroid conditions. After reading posts on here I think he is in the minority.

Anyway, I am having blood test next week at 9.55 on Tuesday(earliest morning time I could get). Am I right in thinking its a fasting test, I'm sure that's what the dr said.

Sam x

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No need for it to be a fasting test. Glad you have a good doc :) x


Glitterypinksam, apparently TSH is lower after food. See Helvella's post and link in this thread

Your GP may have added cholesterol to the bloods order so definitely fast on this test and allow 12 hours between last food/drink and the blood draw.


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