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I want to thank you all

I developed a goitre at the age of 25 and this lead up to the decision by the medical profession I needed to have a total thyroidectomy as this could lead to it getting larger or possibly cancerous. I didn't question why or what the long term results would be. The consultant said "you have to take this tablet 150mg (t4) for the rest of your life, it's as simple as that".

Well I changed as a person, the usual symptoms, as most describe on this site, noticeably weight gain, irritability, brain fog, etc, etc. I tried to accept this is how it will be for the rest of my life.

I had been on the same dose for 9 years through two pregnancies, then my dose was reduced to 125mg (probably based on TSH level) since then my symptoms have increased .

I was in a conversation with a friend who said her friend who had trouble with her thyroid had benefitted from trying another drug and it helped her. My eyes lit up!! and I decided I needed to dedicate time out of my busy schedule to investigate my thyroid health. Then I found thyroid UK what a fabulous site this is, I'm on it everyday, my husband keeps saying "what have you learnt today darling" he is so relieved I have this support, so I wanted to say a huge THANKYOU.!!

At the moment I have got a very understanding doctor ( yes, no many around) who requested full blood works

T3 - 4.1

TSH- 0.33

T4 - 23.2

Then referred me to an endo, the same one that saw me 18yrs ago, who took a biopsy on my goitre! Was such a nice man, I asked if I could try T3 as my results were low and he said " I want to rule out adrenal fatigue first, if that comes back ok, then I will prescribed 20mg T3and 100mg T4." Wow couldn't believe I was hearing it, I might get what I asked for.

That's what I am currently on and have just had my recent bloods taken again, they now are

T3 - 4.8

TSH - 0.05

T4 - 15.3

I have been on this dose since December and feel soooo much better. Not 100% percentage but getting there slowly. Do you think my t3 levels should be higher?

I didn't take thyroid meds the day before my blood test, so it could have been higher? Love to know your thoughts.

Love Sam

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Wow, lucky you! Great news! Would be helpful to have the ranges if you know them.

I'd love the name of your endo if you would pm me.


Me too! Good Endo's are like hens teeth! Please PM. Thanks


It is so good to hear of a lovely endo. Put him in your pocket and do not let him out, except to come to me!

Seriously, if your reference range is the one I know, I think your T3 could be a bit higher. Last bloods I had, my T3 was 7.1 on a range with highest level of 6.8, so endo asked me to reduce a little, which I have done and am feeling ok. It is def worth asking for an increase. Good luck with getting it.


Well done you! I am always so happy to hear good news, about a fellow sufferer. I hope it could be the same endo I will see on Friday? You never know! My luck might be changing too?

Anyway, enjoy feeling good.


Thank you all for your encouraging words. I hope you get a good response evey, fingers crossed.

S x


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