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Second opinion !

For anyone who has followed my post,I went back to my surgery today to see a different Dr in the practice...

I explained all my problems and showed him my print off,he said he will give me the injections.....but then started to back track once he started reading that other Dr wanted to wait for intrinsic factor results ect

Because I mite not need the injections if that comes back negative,I explained all my memory problems,pins and needles hands and feet,anger,anxiety,nerves,cold,extreme tiredness,ibs,headaches,sore mouth ect,eventually he decided to put me on the injections put said only because he felt pressured,we didn't pressure him just explained my symptoms,I got the feeling he didn't want to step on other drs toes incase he got moaned at....still no referral for neuro problems though :-(

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Joeltite, well done for fighting your corner. You need B12 now whatever the IF result is. Get some folic acid and B complex vitamins to take when you start the injections. Somewhere, either in that document, or NICE guidelines it says that loading injections should be every other day until neuro symptoms resolve. Six seems to be the most people get though.

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Thank you,I'm on folic acid anyway as prescribed,so that's ok,I'm getting 6 injections starting on Tuesday....I almost feel guilty for making him think he was under preasure as he really wasn't,I just explained about the NICE guidlines and pas guidelines,he said its not a quick fix but at least it will get in the system faster,I think he was thinking if me by saying he didn't want me being on the injections for life if I didn't need them :-(


Silly man - who'd want to be on injections for life if they didn't need them? "Oh yes, I really enjoy being regularly stabbed with a needle..."

I think the guidance is just a tiny bit unclear. It's obvious that it means you should start injections whether you have a result for intrinsic factor or not, but it doesn't say that well.


With your B12 that low injections couldn't possibly do any harm, so I think you're right that he's just scared of being told off.

Good for you - well done for standing up for yourself! x


Glad to hear you have had some success. OK so you are taking some Folic Acid - but also you need a GOOD B Complex to keep the B's in balance - as Clutter suggested. I would also buy some Jarrow B12 Methylcobalamin to top up with - the 1000mcg or 5000mcg chewable tab. Keep them under the tongue until they dissolve. You can buy them from Amazon. You cannot overdose. Do not expect miracles immediately as sometimes it can take weeks for the systems in the body to become normal again. You may notice some improvements very quickly.

May I suggest you keep a journal so you have evidence for your GP when the injections stop. The protocol is then to go onto three-monthly injections which is NOT enough for many. So again be prepared to fight your corner and it's where the Journal will prove invaluable.

Will look out for your posts....

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Thank you,yes that is a great idea about keeping a journal,it will also help me keeps tabs on my progress.

I not expecting it to happen overnite just hope it helps and gets me in the rite track :-)

Thank you all for your help and support its been invaluable and much needed x

Reply are welcome :-) Keep posting and asking questions - information is power :-)

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