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endo second opinion Bristol

I am convinced I have pituitary problems. My fsh and leutinsing hormone have come back low, my tsh is low but so is T4. My endo who I have been seeing for weight management says it is just polycystic overies. She was horrified that I had seen Dr Skinner and said that it is normal for some people to have a T4 below range so I dont have much faith in her. Are we still entitled to a second opinion in NHS if so can anyone recommend a good endo my bristol gp can refer me too.

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I don't know whether patients are entitled to a second opinion from specialists.

Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists but bear in mind they are unlikely to be pituitary specialists.


PM'ing you now with a link. The guy I have asked to see for a second opinion (appt is for Oct) is in Bristol and lists the pituitary gland as a speciality.Might be just who you are looking for?


mandyjane - this statement has floored me!

"said that it is normal for some people to have a T4 below range"

I've been in this thyroid game too long and have started to look after myself now because my GP is totally useless, but if she said that to me I'd reply with

"Well in that case, can you tell me why bother having a reference range at all if you're not going to take any notice of it?"

But I'm turning into a cranky old moo LOL!


I think I am in the same club although I was once told I had "anger issues!!What is "Normal" is it normal normal, low side of normal or high side of normal??? This is how it was explained to me. Load of rubbish. My GP is useless too.


She actually wrote to my GP and said 5 percent of people who had a low T4 had it because it was normal for them. Does she mean that they were healthy with a low out of range t4 if so why have I got chronic fatigue, constipation, and a huge and rapid weight gain so much that I am refferred to her clinic for bariatric surgery. Silly bitch. I have well and truely turned into a cranky old moo. I am worried too. I can treat my thyroid with help from this forum but the possible surgery I might need for a pituitary adenoma is beyond my DIY skills.Untreated the prognoses is not good and I would like to live long enough for my children to be independant. Silly silly arrogant bitch.


I would not recommend the one I saw. She has really upset me. She is based at the BRI her surname begins with A! Kept me waiting an hour as well. She also told me that if I didn't like her decision and wanted to stay on the medication I am, that she would discharge me and refer me back to my GP for a referral somewhere else. She said she didn't care whether I took her advice or not!


Shame thst Colin Dayan is not etill at Bristol he would be appalled she cant recognise central hypothyroid


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