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Latent iron difficiency ... Ferritin 5 for 3 years. Anyone come across this?

Finally got the go ahead for iron infusions for my chronically low ferritin level. I asked what was causing it and the consultant said that it wasn't necessarily blood loss ( stock diagnosis for most females in their late 40's) but could possibly be that I just use up my iron too quickly and therefore never have any left or, but less likely, I just don't absorb it.

So pleased that she gave me a more intelligent explanation as to why this is happening but now wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

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Chablis, there is only a 4 inch segment of small intestine where iron is absorbed. If there is damage, the villi are flattened and do not absorb iron (and other minerals as well).


Chablis, there are members with persistently low ferritin despite months/years of supplementing, not too many as low as yours though.

Not sure why your consultant thinks it less likely to be malabsorption. Many hypothyroid patients have low stomach acid which makes absorption of nutrients difficult. Betaine Pepsin or raw apple cider vinegar in fruit juice or honey sweetened water taken before meals can increase acidity and absorption.

How are your vitamin D, B12 and folate?


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