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Little-Known Facts About Weight Loss

I don't always agree with Dr Pamela Reilly, but she makes some good points here. However, this wasn't written with thyroid patients in mind, so don't take too much notice of the bits about exercise. Remember that you need your thyroid hormone replacement to be optimised before you can successfully exercise because it uses up your T3.

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I get really fed up of the "eat less and exercise more" gang as they know it doesn't work but keep trying to make you feel guilty anyway!

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Yup. The attitude seems to be that you have sinned by putting on weight and you must be punished!

But, very often, I put this down to fear. The idea that someone can suddenly start putting on enormous amounts of weight through no fault of their own, is somewhat terrifying! If it can happen to you, it can happen to them, and that scares them out of their wits. So, they go into denial : no, that can't happen, you must be lying, it must be your fault!!!

There is so much social stigma about weight that it sends them into a tail spin. What is needed is education, but I can't see how that is going to come about when even doctors - the people that should be educating us - believe the myths. Sigh.

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