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Weight loss and hormones the facts as I experience them


Hello Thyroid lovely's,

I had to share with you all about my massive 4 stone 4 lbs weight loss and how it happened. Being misdiagnosed for years as being a nut job, I spent 90% of my time in bed ill and severely depressed. I gained a massive 6 stone and felt a useless fat blob.

After countless G.P visits where I was belittled and made to feel as if I was a pig, I changed surgeries and found a G.P that did a simple blood test which uncovered Hashimotos disease. Despite being treated with Levothyroxine and having my dosage increased to 200mg daily I still felt like a zombie and the weight would not go. I demanded an Endocrinologist and they uncovered PCOS, Diabetes and that I was deficient in Vit D .

After a good year and a half of being medicated and on the dosage of 125mg daily, my TSH was down to 0.18 and the weight literally dropped off. I am on Metformin for my Diabetes and take a plethora of of vitamins and minerals including the wonderful vitamin D3. I have also lost my insatiable hunger and am so full of beans I get up early every day with a spring in my step.

This has been a long journey of recovery for me, and the research I have done has made me, I feel, more informed than any G.P on hormonal imbalances. It nearly cost me my life being so neglected by the NHS not to mention the career years of my life but I feel human again and life has its colour back.

I just want to send a message of hope to anyone out there who like me have struggled with their hormonal health. Keep fighting, ignore and change ignorant know sod all G.P's demand specialists and if they are useless change them. Dont let anyone tell you your TSH is not right, go on how you feel.

Love to you all

A very happy and even if I do say so myself slinky Libby


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Well done, Libby!!! Bravo. So happy to hear your success story.

Hugs, Grey

Thanks for your words of encouragement Grey.


Well done Libby, fantastic story. All the best for the future, Liz x

Thanks Liz for your very kind words. Xoxox

Wow, good for you for finding strength and an inspirational story x

Libby77 in reply to jojo-flo

Thanks jojo, to be honest if it were not for this website I doubt I would have had the strength. Xoxox

Great story, may I ask, on your levothyroxine how high have you got your t4 /t3 levels? Just asking as the highest I can get is 14..

Thank you for sharing, it is v encouraging.

Libby77 in reply to lynx

Hi lynx, I am not at home at the mo but when I am will look up my blood test results and reply with a number for you. And hopefully I can encourage you even more, however will need to bare in mind the reference ranges for each lab usually differ. And to be honest I had all but given up on blood test results and just waited until I felt well to pay attention, as I see that as my magic number so to speak, also knowing how everyone is different.

Love Libby


Good on you Slinky Libby :) Persistence and perseverance are needed in bucket loads with this thyroid disposition and you have them! Very happy for you :) xxx

Libby77 in reply to NaamiSue

Thanks NaamiSue, I agree unless you are a fighter you will get nowhere with some pigg headed doctors, it just makes me worry about how many people out there have given up as I was so near to giving up myself.



That's fantastic! Way to go you! I've got to lose 3 stone :-(

Is getting TSH below 1 the key to weigh loss? I've got Graves but have finally got everything to within normal ranges, however TSH is 2 point something and I think I might have read somewhere that getting TSH as close to 0 as possible was important. I could be imagining it though (with my memory these days I am not sure of anything!)

Hi Granitecitygirl,

All I can say is dont give up, I know how debilitating and depressing it is to gain lots of weight. As my weight went up and up my confidence sunk lower and lower, but I can honestly say gaining back your energy and getting a balance of hormones and subsequent weight loss does wonders for your state of mind.

One of the most satisfying things for me was telling my G.P "I told you so" after years of being scolded for not losing weight and implying I was just gauging on food, my weight dropped off with adequate medication.

In regards to TSH I believe Dr Anthony Toft ,who was the head of the British Thyroid Foundation, stated that for some people a TSH of 1 or under was best. For me this is true and it may be true for you also. If you are not getting anywhere with your G.P look on here for evidence of people getting better with a lower TSH or failing that post a question regarding this.

Good luck, you can do it

Love Libby

I'm really pleased for you, thank you for sharing your information. I hope it continues and you can look forward to your new found energy and life ahead.

My weight has been my biggest worry and although taking Vitamin D along with 100mg of Levo for the past 7months and watching what I eat my weight has not moved. Well at least it hasn't gone up but 4 and a half stone over what it should be is horrid.

Enjoy your life and take care.x

Libby77 in reply to Gillykins

Thanks Gillykins,

So sorry to hear about your non shifting weight. I hear you, I spent years dieting and pushing myself all to no avail, but in truth unless your Hormones are balanced its IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight. Its just a case of educating the health professionals about this.

If you have a G.P who is not listening and your still feeling awful I cannot say enough how important it is to change them until you find a more open minded doctor. Also you are within your rights to ask for an appointment with an endocrinologist who should be better informed and can do other tests to ensure there are no other problems which could be causing your symptoms.

Good luck and dont give up.

Love Libby


Gillykins in reply to Libby77

Thank you Libby . I will have a word with the doctor on my next visit.x

That's great! Well done! It goes to show that without the thyroid levels being right for the individual, weight loss and well being is about impossible. I feel sorry for you that you had so long feeling rough. Well done for persevering!

Libby77 in reply to Mumtoboy

Thanks Mumtoboy,

You are so right without correct Thyroid levels, weight loss, energy, and a sense of well-being is impossible to achieve. I worry for all the other people out there who are under-medicated and feeling unwell, its criminal that health care professionals do not seem to understand or listen to us.

But with forums like this, petitions and awareness hopefully one day we will move out of medieval treatment!

Love Libby


Fantastic News Libby.

You are a real inspiration to others on this site.

Lots of Love

Angie xx

Libby77 in reply to Angel54

Thanks for your kind words Angie,

To be honest if it were not for this site, supporting me through years of hopeless darkness, guiding me with which books to buy, flooding me with information and encouragement, I would have given up years ago, it is all the people on here who have been an inspiration to me and I hope I can give back a little hope to all who are fighting this demon disease.

Love Libby


Well done Slinky Libby...you brought a lump to my throat. A girl after my own heart..."don't let the *"$&*"* s grind you down".

Libby77 in reply to ellarose1234

Ah Thanks ellarose,

I hope the lump is not Thyroid related lol!

It never ceases to amaze me how strong and resilient people are on this site despite knock back after knock back. It is every single blogger who has helped me put on these boxing gloves, without them I would no doubt be dribbling in an institution somewhere on Lithium (the one drug I always refused despite them pushing and pushing it!)

Thanks for your sweet encouragement.

Love Libby


Well done Libby -wonderful news! :) Am so glad you found a way forward that is working so well. Congratulations on the weight loss. Impressive! :) :) here's to enjoying balmy summer evenings and having fun! xx

Thaenks waveylines, I have to say this will be the first summer I have enjoyed in years as before I was well medicated and 6 stone overweight I could not bare the heat so yes here's to balmy summer evenings!

Lots of Love




Hi Libby, Thanks for such a positive post and congrats too! Are you aware that our main Thyroid UK website has a section for patient stories? We recently set up a category for 'Success Stories' in the hope that it might give inspiration to those visiting the website. It would be great if you could submit your story for the website. No obligation of course, but here's the link in case you would like to :)

Success Stories


Case Study index page


Submit your story form


Libby77 in reply to RedApple

Hi RedApple,

To be honest I have been meaning to do this for a while now. Mainly because of my misdiagnosis and subsequent years on anti psychotic drugs and illness. I worry so much about people going through what I have been through and hope to help people question their label. I have started it but its quite upsetting to write so keep putting it off. I will get around to it though I promise.

Thanks for your post.

Love Libby


Huge congratulations Libby, it is really inspiring to read success stories like yours.

Libby77 in reply to joboise

Thanks Joboise,

I am glad to hear I can give people a bit of hope through Thyroid hell and I wish you much luck on your journey.

Love Libby



Great news Libby - congratulations - I can read how delighted you are!

It gives me hope that the weight I gained while not diagnosed will eventually go when my dose is correct and settles down. So much has improved for me too, but the weight loss is the last bit...

Enjoy your active and slimline summer!!!



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