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What blood test are needed for diagnosis of hyperthyroidism?? My gp said they can't do t3 or t4 with no reason to why.

I have lots of symptoms of hyperthyroidism and my mum has it too.

Also having ECG as I get breathless walking up stairs followed by chest pains. Last couple days had horrendous nerve pains in legs n arms.

already had 2 lots of bloods come back classed as normal but gp admitted that the infection bloods were high back in November.

I broke out in cold sores this week on lips, dispite not having a cold was one of things the gp made a comment on and said my immune system must be down.


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Hi milliecat 14,

I wonder if you mean hypothyroidism - which means everything in your body slows down. i.e. low temperature, low pulse, and the clinical symptoms above makes me think it might be.

Hyperthyroidism, is the opposite - our heart beats too fast, palpitations, too hot etc.

Hypo means slow and hyper means fast.

If you have a copy of your most recent blood tests, post them on a new question with the ranges for comments.

It seems strange he's not done at least a T4 test. But if you post your results we will have a better idea. Just ask the receptionist for a copy of your blood test, we are entitled. She may want to check with the GP so ask her to ask GP. They cannot refuse to give you a copy.


Bloods ordered are as follows







ECG of heart



Hi, my first symptom of hyperthyroidism was severe pains in my legs, I just went to the GP and said it wasn't normal for me and they ran a series of blood tests! GP's don't tend to do T3 or T4 levels as many labs won't process them but they should get an indication from your TSH levels as to whether you have a thyroid problem

Hope your results are normal and that you don't have a thyroid problem

Good luck x


My symptoms are hair loss, nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, numb feet (first thing in morning on getting out of bed ) pins n needles of hands, can't sleep, night terrors, day naps, headache, bad acid reflux, raging tinnitus (I'm deaf with CI), cold hand n feet, breathless with chest pains, eat habits are bad crave chocolate alot, nails are easy to bit off, eye sight plays up, cold sores, have moments of low moods, no energy, brain fog, bowel movements vary, weight gain but can't lose it, dizziness, enough??? Cheers


thats a helluva list Milliecat14 !

With a few exceptions they reflect the symptoms that I suffer most of the time.

I suspect that you might also have several issues going on there and not just an underactive thyroid.

The more I look into the whole endocrine system the more I realise that it isn't as simple and straightforward as the medical profession might like us to believe.

After advice from this forum.... I insisted that my last blood test included Vit D3 Serum Calcium, Selenium, Magnesium, Cholesterol, Cortisol and various other tests and surprise surprise we found that VitD3 was very low, Serum Glucose was very high Serum Alt was very high, Red blood cell count very low and various others out of norm .

The result of this is that I have now been diagnosed with Diabetes and impaired Liver function and possible Adrenal stress which explains why I have CTS extreme fatigue confusion lack of concentration and various other issues.

Unless we have a comprehensive blood panel done we might never know what other metabolic functions and mineral/vitimin deficiencies might be contributing to our symptoms other than our Pituitary and thyroid glands


I do have mild non alcoholic fatty liver disease, I was born to a thyroid untreated mum, my mum's mum hadoesn't it too. I had acid reflux since early 20's and had every heartburn/indegestion medication going until 18mths ago, just stop taking them as they were making it worse. Then doctors said it was depression, I don't feel clinically depressed. Have low moods but put it down to tiredness, as sometimes can be overwhelming especially coping with school age children and young adults with no idea what your going through.


I don't know how you cope with kids as well as all that .

I know what you mean about low moods and extreme tiredness, I seem to suffer with this most of the time too. I have never discussed it with my Doctor but thought that I must be suffering with some sort of depression.

Some days I cannot muster the motivation to do anything and feel worthless and living seemed pointless then occasionally my whole mood would suddenly change and I'd feel happy and positive and keen to take on some work around the house or repairs to my motorbike etc.

The mood swings are really unbearable at times arn't they. you are never sure what is causing it and you feel its not the real you. Sometimes I feel so sensitive that I cry for no reason ? its weird and unsettling. Other times I am so stressed by a door bell or running water or particularly babies crying that I don't recognise myself as I switch from intolerance to anger and then to anxiety....

I hope you start finding some answers and your life changes for the better soon.

I decided last year to take responsibility for my own health. Its a big step but the more I learn about myself the more I understand that modern medicine can never bring about any satisfactory solution to my health problems because it merely treats the symptoms without investigating the cause and dealing with that


My original Hyperthyroid symptoms were Pompholyx (or Hyperhydrosis) - small watery b;listers on palms of hand and soles of feet , and a rapid loss of 1 stone in 3 weeks, which clinched it for my lovely GP at the time. Your symptoms definitely sound like the symptoms I had after my sub-total thyroidectomy when I was untreated for 19 years after this op.


Your symptoms Mirrow all my symptoms in the begining in addition to be so hot I didn't sweat just heated up like a radiator

I also had ecg as my heart was permently racing 148 bpm

Hospital did my tsh and said it was normal they didn't do my t4

It was belive it or not my gp who redid and requested ft3 and ft4

I was 5 times over normal ft4 and twice over T3

When I asked endo at hospital why they hadn't tested full tsh she said oh your tsh was normal 0.4 ? So they didn't do the others


I was told the t4 & t3 testing was down to whether gp budgets allow funding for these test.

today I'm extremely cold hands & feet, need to have a nap this afternoon as I was very tired with headache. Couldn't get my head down due to school runs and looking after kids once they were home.

Can't wait for bedtime! Then I will be awake half the night! Can't win!


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