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Blood test help please?


Hi I'm hoping someone can offer advice, I had my bloods results on friday, I have hyperthyroidism and my bloods 4 weeks ago were: (I am on 30mg Carbimazole a day)

Free T4 35.5 (7-17)

TSH was 0.02 (0.35-5.50)

2 weeks ago they were:

Free T4 26.5 (7-17)

TSH 0.02

Friday's results are:

Free T4 10.5 (7-17)

TSH 0.02.

My GP wants me to continue taking 30mg carbimazole a day and the GP and I think this is mad, I told her I would surely become underactive if I continue but she disagreed, I'm not seeing Endo for another 5 weeks... what would you do? Thank you

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The Carbimazole is working fast which is good news. You could do as your GP says (stay on same dose) but do another blood test in 2 weeks to see if it has gone too low. Or you could try and reduce a bit to 20 mg/day and do another blood test before you see the endo - you will have to tell them how you have adjusted the dose.

Thank you for your reply. Yes it has worked fast, I just don't won't to go underactive, I have reduced to 10mg I hope this won't push levels further down. I have been waiting to see endo since beginning of Feb, I will feel better under their care.

Just be aware that your levels may go over again if you reduced too fast. Another blood test before you see the endo is a good idea.

I had a similar thing happen when I was on a higher dose of Carbimazole and the doctor actually phoned me at work to tell me I was going hypo and to reduce the medication immediately.

I felt a while back I should reduce again but now my results are looking wonderful and really stable, having changed the dose down with the doctor's advice and maintaining this for about 8 months now. The results went low then rose again to a near perfect T4 and my TSH level is on the move to a much better score.

How about calling the endro's office and asking for advice, mentioning it's a few weeks until the next appointment and would it be okay to reduce and take a blood test a few days before your appointment so he/she can see reduced rate results? Worth a call as the biggest lesson I have learned from this journey is taking control of my decisions but with advice from the experts so I can do so in safety.

Mwms9 in reply to ruthad

Hi thank you for your reply. That's what I'm worried about as it's going towards the lower end of normal and my GP isn't concerned at all, I have decided to only take 10mg and will see what my bloods do in two weeks. I haven't had my first appointment with the endo yet so I'm not sure if I can call to ask about it. I will be trying to see a different GP this week if I get an appt that is! Should I not be on block and replace method by now that is what I've read but I don't know enough about this thing!

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