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I have actually read my blood tests results again and it says my TSH is <0.01.

My endocrine specialist said it could effect ovulation. So I researched this and found this

:' When the thyroid produces too much hormone, it can send the body into a state of over-activity, including high blood pressure, an increased appetite, and intolerance to heat and frequent sweating, as well as other side effects. When it comes to a woman's ovulation cycle, hyperthyroidism can cause irregular or even a complete lack of menstrual cycles [source: PubMed Health].'

So he was probably right if he had this in mind. Hopefully my thyroid will be a perfect level in 2 weeks time as I have been reducing the dose.

Is less than 0.01 considered as severe hyperthyroidism? Even though my TSH is increasing as I am reducing dose. My GP did call me to say these results are abnormal but she is happy that I am reducing dose to about 36 mcg a day so that should sort it.

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  • Orangepie,

    I have TSH <0.01 but I am not overmedicated because FT4 and FT3 are within range.

    TSH <0.01 is suppressed, and FT4 27 mildly over range. This indicates mild overmedication which should be corrected within a week or two of reducing dose. I would be astonished if such mild overmedication affected your ovulation.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Thank you Clutter for the swift response. That makes sense. I'm all new TO these thyroid issues so I am trying to get my head around it... My T3 wasn't tested... I've checked the paper work.

  • From these results does it look like the T3 results would be fine? Not sure if it's possible to work it out from t4 and TSH

  • Orangepie,

    Can't tell without a FT3 test but it is very unlikely that FT3 is abnormally high or low with those results.

  • Hi orange pie. I have been keeping an eye on your posts and have read your blog. I was/am part of the infertility network and we were ttc the same time you were. We are currently 8+3 and I'm certain this has only happened as a result of my thyroid being under control. I saw the GP as my tsh is also in the negative, under 0.16 I think. My free t4 is 20. The they have said I'm slightly over medicated ideally in pregnancy it should be under 2 (tsh) she seemed less concerned with the t4 and they don't routinely test t3 i don't think levels like that would effect ov but I found out today when I got my full blood history that my tsh has usually been +2 which will have made staying pregnant or indeed getting pregnant difficult. Last two blood tests my tsh has been low but the GP has told me the tsh is the only figure they are most interested in. I didn't find out until we were almost 6 weeks ( as i was so convinced it would be bfn after almost 6 years) so I can only pray there's been enough maternal thyroid to support us both. I have increased from 6 weeks by 50% but they have just knocked me down a bit to 25%I am waiting on a appt with endo specialist as I am still unsure on my antibody count. I hope you get the answers you are looking for soon and you get your happy ending 🙏😊xxxxx

  • Hello,


    I'm glad you find my posts useful. I'm on a mission to sort this out. Did they said anything about being over medicated in pregnancy? Is it better to be slightly over-medicated than under? I feel like I miscarried as I previously under -medicated and i have the antibodies. Yes I have miscarried at TSH of 2.83 and 1.73. So I think mine is more to do with correct medication dosage due to antibodies. I should have increased to 50 mcg but stayed on 25mcg until 7 weeks which I feel was the mistake. Now that my TSH is suppressed I am hoping it will make my pregnancy continue. Yours is very suppressed now and yo are 8 weeks it gives me hope.

    I always update my blog with information and where I am at. I am glad you have been reading this.

  • The gp I saw yesterday said to me that it's absolutely better to be slightly over than under. I went to the old GP armed and ready to fight when I found out about this baby on the back of what had happened with you. So I thank you for that. I insisted it needed an increase and he rubbished me at first. Until he googled it and it was correct. But again a very grey area. He was reluctant to do it and I have spoke to other women on here who are certain they have lost babies due to tsh level. Luckily my tsh was at a good level at getting pregnant and I only know this because I wanted a copy of my bloods dating back to 2013 which is when we began assisted fertility. Some blood tests my tsh was over 5, 3.9 and so on which is fine if your not pregnant. But this stopped me getting pregnant/staying pregnant. There are other factors involved like my husbands low sperm and I only have one ovary. But them factors were always there but the thyroidism has only come to light in the last two years. I think your theories are sound and personally it's really opened my eyes as to how badly managed it all is. I hope you don't mind me doing it but I've sent my friend the link of your blog who has also had multiple miscarriage and is hypothyroid. Knowledge is power and I think you should be proud of yourself for making this your mission as it will benefit lots of other people 😊Xxxxx

  • Hi,

    That's good you find my blog useful ,please feel free to share to anyone you think it may help. Yes this is definitely a grey area , I realized when I saw my GP and even the endocrine specialist as he is still trying to figure out whether giving steroids for my antibodies is a good idea or not. I also did not realise how imptortant thyroid was in pregnancy until I went through this. Thyroid and miscarriages run in my family I believe these are linked because the women who miscarried had thyroid issues. But luckily with the right medicine and monitoring there is hope! He is reluctant as my antibodies are not sky high but they are elevated. Oh, I am glad your GP did what he thought was best in the end and yu were pleased with it. Please keep me updated it will give me some hope also. I am ttc again :) . The miscarriage process lasted 4 weeks but I am happy to be back in the game now. A lot of hypothyroid women have these antibodies but it is usually treated with thyroid meds after all I have read and experienced in my own case. In my case I am considered euthyroid. If I am not on thyroid meds my TSH shoots up in pregnancy so I am glad I am starting on a higher dose this time round hopefully will be joining you soon :) Good luck with it all !

  • Great, I will be looking forward to your bfp


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