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Opinion on recent bloods that show surpressed tsh..what do I do next?

Hi all, I would welcome any thoughts on the following if you wouldn't mind. Managed to get a referral to an endo from Louise ' s list and he was great happily prescribed t3 saw me a month later and I informed him that I regarded the pills as my happy pills. He was happy to request my gp prescribe this medication for me. Went to gp for prescription and she said she wasn't sure if the surgery were licensed to prescribe it but gave it to me anyway and ordered bloods. Had bloods and got a call to make an appointment. ....went to see her today and because of my tsh she is not happy to prescribe t3. Have asked her to revert back to endo with results. What I am wondering is should I be concerned about my tsh level (thought when on t3 tsh can't be relied on). Here are my numbers:

Tsh <0.03 (0.35 - 5.0)

Free t4 17.6 (9 - 24)

Free t3 5.7 (3.5 - 6.5)

Feel the best I have done since diagnosed in Sept 2013. Should add am hashi as Tpo at diagnosis was 1050. Would like anyone's views on tsh level if possible.

Thanks for reading and your time xx

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Dee, it's quite normal for TSH to become suppressed when taking T3. Pituitary responds to circulating hormone detected and, because you are taking T3 direct, it senses sufficient T3 and switches off TSH. If you were overmedicated your FT4 and FT3 would be above range.

You look to be optimally medicated as your FT3 is just shy of the often considered ideal of 75% of range.


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Thank you so much for your response....any ideas on how I handle the gp. As I said I feel like me again and don't want to give up the t3. XX


Dee, Have a look at the link I posted. TiredThyroid usually substantiates her blogs with relevant research papers at the bottom. If you print off the blog, highlight the bit about T3 suppressing TSH and print off the research paper and send it to your GP she might read it.

Otherwise you'll have to hope the endo backs you up and says to keep you on the same dose.

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Above range labs, especially an above range free t3, will not mean over medication, if the person is not having hyperthyroid symptoms.


Faith, my FT3 was considerably over range 8.4 (3.2-6.2) 24hrs after last dose. I was overmedicated as reducing dose has brought it back within range. I didn't feel overstimulated apart from a little hot on some of the hottest days during our summer but my hair started shedding and nails splitting with vertical lines which have all stopped shortly before my Dec blood test which showed I was back in range. I was advised by my endo that it's better for FT3 to remain within range because "we don't really know what the long term issues may be". I bought the advice because everything I've read says that FT3 should be within range. I don't feel I can advise anyone contrary to what I do and what I believe to be right.




Your bloods are fine, the best is that you are feeling well too. I think the GP is just covering her back (probably cost of T3 which used to be about £30). Don't know how MP can account for the cost they charge.

The best way to judge is how you are feeling, and you are well at present which is excellent.

I don't know how the GP can not prescribe what the Endo says. The MHRA says the cost doesn't matter if you need a particular medication



How do you feel? That's what is important here, if you feel OK then you TSH being supressed is OK too. DO NOT allow your doctor to reduce your meds based on blood tests alone, its wrong. Argue the point if you have to . Personally I use the broken record method simply repeating I am fine on the current dosage till the endo backs down! Do not be worried that your TSH is supressed this can happen no matter what replacement you are taking and is NOT DANGEROUS! It is way more dangerous to be UNDERDOSED than overdosed as if you take a little too much you can always back it off as overdosing is NOT dangerous.


Thanks for replying. This is all confirming what I believed. Looks like I will need to do battle. Wish me luck lolx


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