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Opinion on Blood test please

i have just had back my first blood test since PT in November.

TSH 0.39 (0.35-5.00)

Ft4. 6.8. (9.0-20.0)

Ft3 2.8. (2.5- 5.7)

The tests a week before my op were (Same ranges)

TSH 0.55

Ft4 8.8

ft3. 5.2.

For both tests I was on 20mg t3 only (not taken on day of draw) plus take a range of nutri supplements. I feel generally ok most of the day though do lack energy until the evening when I feel I run out of steam and then can often feel achey as if I was coming down with flu. I did feel quite well at the pre op levels.

My question to you learned people out there is what should I do from here? Ask for an increase of t3 and stay t3 only or add some t4 into the mix. I was given thyroxine last summer and never felt so ill in my life and had to stop after 2 months so wary about trying that again, however this is a long journey and also feel I shouldn't shut off options without giving them a try.

I am seeing the endo on the 27th and I don't have much confidence in her ability but she does seem to be receptive to what I want to do which is why I am trying to find that out first (who's the expert here???)

Also have no idea if it is connected but I keep waking up in the middle of the night always between 3-4am. I would love to be able to just get a good nights sleep. Does anyone think this is related to being undermedicated?

Thanks for all your help x

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I would ask for an increase of T3 as your T3 is too low. Your T4 will be low as we don't take levo so we can dismiss this.

Levo didn't agree with me either so I definitely wouldn't take it again. I feel very well on T3 only and have a life, and I now sleep well. Of course, I might have an odd night but in general I am back to normal health. This is a perfect way to be treated:-


Hi shaws

Was there a particular post that I should read or the whole article for background reading?


The first two questions/answers I think would be helpful.


Shaws. Can I ask how much t3 are you on?




Looks to me that your undermedicated plus you have Central Hypothroid NOT primary Hypothyroid so your TSH should NEVER be relied on

You must always be treated on T3 levels which should be in the upper quadrant of the range


Hi Churchie I have my PT next week and reading your post with interest. I do not have any treatment from GP but have started third week on Thyroid-s and really beginning to pick up. December was a write off.

Hope you don't mind but got some questions. Your thyroid half left is not affected? Are you feeling better for your PT? How long did it take for you to recover?


Hi nickinoo

The half of thyroid I have left is obviously not enough as my hormone levels have gone down quite a bit and I feel that in that I still get tired quite easily. However my levels weren't great before the op so thyroid wasn't great when it was whole. I know others that haven't needed replacement after the op so it is down to each individual.

I don't feel any better - just don't have a whopping nodule in my thyroid that could've been cancerous! Op wasn't that painful and scar is very neat. I went back to work part time after 3 weeks but needed to take it slowly.

good luck with your op


Thank you.

I will have to see how I go. I have Hashimoto's too so the half left is going too have to work hard. No matter I can try any T4 if and when prescribed and if that doesn't work/ suit me there's always my NDT which does.


Have you been prescribed NDT on the NHS? If so was it by an endo or go?


No such luck. My GP thinks I have depression or somatoform disorder. Absolutely nothing wrong with me so I self med from advice from here and use thyroid-s. I don't have time to wait for my thyroid to give up on me. If I can it a helping hand now maybe it'll work better a little longer. And there's life to be lived out there. :)


Good luck with your operation this week. Let me know how you get on.


Thanks I will - nervous as hell as never been in hospital as a patient other than one night for birth of my daughter. Never had an op.


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